8 Ways “House of the Dragon” Puts a Spin on Plot Points From the Book


Adapting a book into a TV series always comes with plenty of changes to the plot and characters – some small, some enormous. For HBO’s “House of the Dragon,” however, the adaptation style is a little bit different. “Fire & Blood,” the book by George R.R. Martin that serves as inspiration for the TV series, is told as a fictional “history” book, compiled from the historians of Westeros and, therefore, colored by the winners of those in-universe conflicts, just like real-world history is.

As a result, “House of the Dragon” takes a different tactic when it comes to book-vs.-TV differences. In many cases, these “differences” are more like “behind-the-scenes” peeks at what really happened, in contrast with what the “history books” will later report having happened. The first season alone has already seen some notable changes in perspective – here are just a few of the most memorable changes “House of the Dragon” has made.

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