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How Do I Apply for The Bachelor 2020?

If You Fancy The New Bachelor Locky, You Still Might Have Time To Apply

Yesterday, Channel 10 revealed the identity of the new Bachelor: Locky Gilbert. Locky's a 30-year-old adventure guide, who audiences recognise from both season two and this year's Survivor All Stars. Yes, he was sent home on Tuesday night's episode, but we'll soon be seeing plenty more of the traveller and CEO.

If you want to see a lot more of Locky, as one of the 20-odd women vying for his heart on national television, and you see yourself as the "driven and outdoorsy woman with a wicked sense of adventure" that he's looking for, you can still apply.

Applications have been open since November, but the casting site is still online here. Filming in Sydney has already kicked off, but that doesn't mean you couldn't come in as an intruder . . .

You have to be willing to share your height, weight, shoe and dress size, and upload a video, headshot and full-length photo of yourself. The survey asks such questions as: "What makes you happy & sad?"; "What fires you up?"; "When did you last cry and why?"; and "What scares you and why?", presumably to give producers plenty of fodder for those group dates!

Deeper into the questionnaire, you'll be asked about the marital status of your parents, what people find irritating about you, and what should be an obvious answer, what's your relationship status. Who is applying for The Bachelor and writing that "It's complicated"?

The relationships page is where it gets really juicy, and arguably a little invasive. They want you to tell them exactly how many sexual partners you've had, your regrets from past relationships, and to divulge all the "skeletons in your closet" like jilted lovers, sex tapes or instances of revenge porn. "Are you a heartbreaker or have you had your heart broken?" and "Have you ever been in love?" are surprisingly difficult to answer.

Then it's questions about your ideal partner, including their height, plans for marriage and children and past dating experience, like a simple yes/no answer to "Are you ready to fall in love?" They want to know what dating apps you're on, your worst-ever date and how you feel about an open relationship.

The survey gets heavy before it ends: "What has you been your worst experience in life so far and how have you overcome it?", before turning to your hobbies, interests, outdoorsiness, spiritual beliefs and your typical night out. And you should already know what you'd say to Locky on the red carpet. Be prepared to own up to any criminal activity.

It's only after all of this is done that you're asked why you even want to go on The Bachelor: That Locky's hot as hell, obvs. Among stock-standard questions about who you identify with from the series, and if you're been in the media before, there's a couple throwaway cheeky questions about if you've disclosed all this stuff to anyone before, and "What is the ONE thing you wouldn't want your fellow candidates to find out about you?"

Our advice? Do this with a mate who can real talk you into giving honest answers, and be fuelled by a few cheeky wines.

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