Jessica Alba Says Becoming a Mom “Helped Me Get Closer to My Soul and My Truth”

Getty / Stefanie Keenan

There’s no denying that the three children Jessica Alba shares with her husband, Cash Warren, are the definition of adorable. The actor and Honest Company founder got hitched to Warren in 2008 and announced she was pregnant with her oldest daughter that same year. Alba and Warren then welcomed two more children in 2011 and 2017.

Speaking to People in March 2023, Alba said that having kids “really connected me with my femininity.” She added, “[It connected me with] what that means and I think my true power as a person that’s here for a reason. And get me out of, frankly, living in survival mode and worried about a bunch of other things that don’t matter. And trying to live inside of a super hardcore world where I felt like I was so disconnected from my truth.”

She continued: “I think that being a mom really helped me get closer to my soul and my truth.”

Alba also said she really wrestles with raising her kids under different financial circumstances than how she grew up. “I wrestle with this! And I try, I try to get them to understand a reality that’s just frankly, not a reality that they’ll ever understand,” she added. “It’s not possible for them to understand what it was like for me or what it’s genuinely like for other people.”

“And I don’t know now if they ever really need to see the sadness or the hardship that brings out in people. I don’t know if it’ll make them better people,” she continued. “More importantly, I really, really want them to have empathy and compassion and humility and really operate in the world with kindness and gratitude.”

Read through to get a look at Alba’s sweet family of five, and try not to smile at all their cuteness in the process.

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