Here’s How Much the Contestants of “MasterChef Australia” Get Paid During Their Time on the Show

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The latest season of “MasterChef Australia” is finally here. Premiering on April 22nd, this season features a fresh lineup of skilled home cooks competing for the prestigious title of ‘MasterChef’ and the life-changing $250,000 prize. But have you ever wondered how much “MasterChef Australia” contestants get paid? ‘Cause same.

This year, the show sees changes as Channel 10 announced Melissa Leong’s departure from “MasterChef Australia” as she focuses on the new spin-off series, “MasterChef: Dessert Masters”. Andy Allen returns to the judging panel, alongside newcomers Poh Ling Yeow, Sofia Levin, and Jean-Christophe Novelli. Additionally, renowned chef Jamie Oliver joins as a recurring guest judge.

Below, find out how much “MasterChef Australia” contestants get paid.

How Much Do “MasterChef Australia” Contestants Get Paid?

Because we’re nosey (and obviously you are too, which is why you’re here), we found out exactly how much the contestants are pocketing — and spoiler alert, it isn’t much.

According to reports, Network Ten pays slightly more than the legal minimum wage. The Sydney Morning Herald revealed that in 2013, the aspiring chefs received an allowance of $630 per week.

In 2011, they were given even less, being paid a measly $500 a week — less than half of the average wage of $1,291 at the time, according to

Previously, former contestant Billy Law spoke about the allowance, saying while he didn’t really feel the pay cut during the show, things definitely took a turn afterwards.

“That’s when the reality hits and it’s then the time to start looking for jobs and to start making money again,” he said.

Of course in saying that, things could have changed since 2013, so it’s unclear how much the 2024 contestants will be paid for their time on the show. Furthermore, appearing on the show helps boost the contestants’ profile, which can result in high-paying opportunities. Not only does the winner receive $250,000, but they also go on to publish cookbooks, host television shows and open their own restaurants.

Take Andy Allen, who is the co-owner of Three Blue Ducks and a judge of “MasterChef Australia”. Not bad for a former electrician from Maitland, NSW. 

“MasterChef Australia” continues tonight at 7:30 pm on 10 and 10 Play

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