Usher Won’t Be Paid for His Super Bowl Performance — Here’s Why


As the Super Bowl draws near, anticipation builds not just for the game itself, but also for the halftime performance.We all know the halftime show is as big a deal as the game, right? Over the years, this spectacle has seen some of the biggest names in music grace its stage. However, despite the glitz and glamour surrounding these performances, we need to know: how much do halftime performers get paid?

Traditionally, the Super Bowl halftime show has been a showcase of talent, creativity, and entertainment excellence. From iconic moments like Michael Jackson’s moonwalk to Rihanna’s pregnancy announcement, the halftime show has become an integral part of the Super Bowl experience. However, what many may not realise is that the NFL doesn’t pay performers in the traditional sense.

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How Much Do Halftime Performers Get Paid?

According to NFL policy, artists who headline the halftime show are compensated through union scale payments.

“The NFL covers all costs associated with the show and the performers are paid union scale,” an NFL spokesperson told POPSUGAR. “This is not an appearance fee but the artists are indeed paid union scale.”

This means that performers receive payment based on rates set by their respective unions, rather than receiving a standard appearance fee. For actors, this typically amounts to around $1,030 per day, with similar rates for dancers and rehearsal days.

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Who Covers the Super Bowl Halftime Show Costs?

So, why doesn’t the NFL offer a traditional appearance fee? The league covers all expenses associated with the halftime show, including production costs and logistical arrangements. This approach allows the NFL to maintain control over the event while providing a platform for artists to showcase their talents to a global audience.

“We do not pay the artists,” an NFL spokesperson told Forbes in 2016. “We cover expenses and production costs.”

Despite the absence of a monetary payment, the opportunity to perform at the Super Bowl is considered a career milestone for many artists. The exposure and prestige that come with headlining the halftime show can lead to increased album sales, concert ticket demand, and brand endorsements. In some cases, artists may even invest their own resources to enhance their halftime performance, as seen with The Weeknd’s reported $7 million expenditure in 2021.

For Usher and other artists, the Super Bowl halftime show represents more than just a paycheque. It’s a chance to captivate millions of viewers, leave a lasting impression, and cement their place in music history.

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