Here’s How to Apply to Season Four of LEGO Masters and Good Luck Impressing Brickmaster

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Between reality TV like Big Brother, competition TV like MasterChef, and every other streaming channel and their original shows (looking at you Netflix and Stan), it’s hard to stand out as a TV series. But LEGO Masters does just that — so much so, that it’s been called “this year’s most addictive TV show” by The Latch.

It’s now been announced that the feel-good program is coming back to our screens for at least two more seasons — that’s right, the show has been renewed until 2023. It’s no surprise, as Nine’s Director of Television, Michael Healy, says “It’s one of those rare programs to resonate with people of all ages.”

It’s also one of those rare programs where people of all ages (well, at least 15 and up) can apply, and appear, on the show. That’s right, expressions of interest for season four of LEGO Masters are now open! And POPSUGAR has you covered on exactly how to apply.

First thing you have to know, that we’ve already alluded to, is that you do have to be over 15 to apply for the show. If you’re between 15-18, you’ll have to get a parent or guardian’s permission (or, team up with them!).

And, even though the competition is based around pairs, you don’t have to already be in a team of two to apply. You can apply as an ‘Adult Solo’, ‘Adult Team’, ‘Adult Minor Team’ or ‘Minor Team’.

Registrations of interest can be found here; the team will let you know directly when applications are open. As for what it involves? Hopefully, if you’re applying you know that by now, but here’s a quick refresher.

Teams of two create mind-boggling masterpieces and models out of LEGO, competing against one another in the bid to win $100,000. Australian broadcast personality (and cake-maker) Hamish Blake hosts the show, while the Southern Hemisphere’s only LEGO-certified professional Ryan McNaught (also known as the Brickman) judges the weekly creations.

Good luck!

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