Olivia Molly Rogers Has Entered Her Single Era Full of Positivity — This Is How She Did It

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The lead-up to Valentine’s Day in 2023 is all about self-love and singleton. Female empowerment is at an all-time high, and more beautiful, high-profile women are being open about being single than ever before.

Emily Ratajkowski dropped an entire podcast episode titled “Is Love Overrated?”, where she discusses how empowered and blessed she feels to be a single woman in her thirties.

Miley Cyrus dropped a track that basically rewrites a classic soppy Bruno Mars love song, with a message that screams “I can love me better”.

Bumble’s recent self-love report showed that 58 percent of Australians feel that being single for a period of time helped them develop a better sense of self-love and sense of self. 

Women all over TikTok are openly talking about how happy they in their single-ness. One of these women, is former Miss Universe Australia, Olivia Molly Rogers.


This song is on repeat. Ily Miley 🫶🏼

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“I’m in my “yes girl” era,” Rogers tells POPSUGAR Australia.

The model, influencer and Bumble collaborator, who separated from her ex-husband Justin McKeone almost five months ago, has been openly documenting her single girl life on social media in a raw and honest way.

“While there’s still a lot I want to say but can’t”, she says, “I just want to help show other people that it does get better.”

“There’s always been this misconception that being single is the worst thing ever, but it’s not. There’s no point in staying in a relationship that isn’t serving you.”

It’s an unfortunately common experience that in long-term relationships, you can squash parts of yourself without realising it, she says. You start to morph your life around someone else and create a new normal, which can be amazing, but it has to be balanced.

“My friends have told me that they feel like they’ve got the old Liv back, but they didn’t realise they’d lost me. I didn’t realise it either!”

And while she might be “more herself”, Rogers feels like she’s more of a new version, than an old version.

“I’m happy and content being single right now.”

So, how has she come through such a huge life transition with such a golden attitude? We asked her. Scroll down for her hot tips on entering back into singleness with positivity.

Create a Space That Makes You Happy

Rogers has been documenting her move into a new apartment as a single girl on TikTok and honestly, her videos are inspiring.


I love having a space that is completely my own 🤍

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Complete with an art room, divine natural light and views for days, this apartment symbolises a new beginning, a space that feels like home, a reminder that her life belongs to her.

“Being single at an age and stage of life where I can afford to live on my own and do my own thing feels amazing,” she says.

“Having a space just for you is so important.”

Rely on Your Support Network

“I have an amazing support network, my friends and family are the best,” says Rogers.

“I have a great psychologist, too.”

It all comes back to support for Rogers, who says that having different people that she can check in with has been integral.

“Trying to get through something as big as this on your own is a lot,” she says. “Having a good supporting network is everything.”

Nourish Yourself

According to Bumble’s self-love report, nourishing yourself can actually set you up for relationship success, with 67 percent of single Australians believing in high self-love is the key to forming a healthy relationship with someone else.

Putting self-nourishment into practise looks different for everyone. It’s all about finding those things that make you feel warm, fuzzy and cared for.

“Nourishing myself with good food, exercise and doing things I love is one of the ways I practise self-love,” says Rogers.

“Just making sure that I’m eating nourishing foods, that I’m exercising in ways that I enjoy, setting boundaries and making time for me, are all things that nourish me and are so important when you’re going through a transition like this.”

Remember That You Can Do Whatever You Want, and Then Do It

For those who are conscious about being single in the lead-up to Valentine’s Day, Rogers recommends that taking this time to be grateful for your freedom — is super empowering.

“Try to flip the messaging for yourself,” she encourages.

“Instead of feeling sad and sorry for yourself, take a moment to be grateful that you can do whatever you like. And then do it! That might be taking yourself out for a day of pampering, cooking a meal for your best friend, taking a family member out to dinner — claim the day back for you and do something you love.”

This could also be in the form of a gift, she says.

“If you have a present in mind that you’d love to be given, why not go out and buy it for yourself?”

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