Don’t Miss a Moment of “Hunted Australia”: Here’s How to Follow the Cast on Instagram

hunted australia instagram

Want to stay connected with the daring cast of “Hunted Australia” 2023, even when the cameras aren’t rolling? Follow their exciting journey on Instagram for an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at their adrenaline-fuelled escapades.

“Hunted Australia” is a high-stakes reality show that follows a group of everyday Aussies as they become Fugitives on the run. Their aim? Outsmart a team of skilled Hunters in pursuit of victory. With $100,000 prize money at stake, the cast members put their wits, resourcefulness, and strategic thinking to the test as they try to evade capture for 21 days. Sounds easy, right?

But the adventure doesn’t stop when the cameras turn off. By following the cast on Instagram, you gain access to a world of exclusive content that offers a deeper insight into their thrilling experiences.

Below, find out how to follow the “Hunted Australia” cast on Instagram.

How to Follow “Hunted Australia” Cast on Instagram

Bayan | @bayanmassoudi

Eesha | @eeshapatelofficial

Ben @benpage_running and Callum @callumcharlesworth95

Ben and Callum Hunted Australia 2023 fugitive
Network 10

Elerrina | @elerrina_the_great

Sonja | @sonjamarcelline

Ed | @edabbottt

Jimi | @jimi_love

Gracie | @graciemariedale

Megan | @megan_colwell_

Holly | @hollycolvin99

Jordan | @jordan_hutchinson_

Tharren | @tharrenhutchinson

Tanase | @hello_its_me_t

Byron | @bakojo

Taylah | @taylahrobertson

Glenn | @glennazar

“Hunted Australia” airs Sunday — Tuesdays at 7.30pm on Channel 10 and 10 Play.

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