Stathi and Rob Have Been Crowned the Winners of Hunted Australia 2022!

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The first season of Hunted Australia has come to an end after an insanely thrilling ride from start to finish. 

Fugitives Stathi and Rob took out a double win, each earning $50,000 in prize money.

Three contestants made it to the final episode: Friends Jake and Rob, and Stathi, whose teammate Matt was captured on Monday’s episode.

All three were required to phone Hunted HQ 24 hours before the 21 days were up to find out the game’s “extraction point” in Victoria.

As soon as they made the call, the Hunters were able to pinpoint their exact location — an advantage some viewers believed to be unfair.

Jake was quickly captured shortly after making the call, leaving makeup-artist Rob and humanitarian worker Stathi the last two standing.

It was a nail-biting finish, with viewers on the edge of their seats till the very last second.

In the end, both fugitives were crowned the winner and vowed to share their split of the $100,000 with their eliminated teammates.

The debut season of Hunted Australia was a rating success. However, those watching at home questioned the vague rules of the game.

Many also pointed out that the Hunters are given advantages over the fugitives, making the competition extremely difficult.

Maybe the criticism will be addressed in season two, which is yet to be confirmed. 

Congratulations to Stathi and Rob!

This article originally appeared on The Latch.

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