Every Rule Fugitives and Hunters Must Follow on “Hunted Australia”

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Are you ready for the real-life game of hide and seek? Well, you’re in luck because “Hunted Australia” returns to Channel 10 and 10 Play. Following the resounding success of its debut season in 2022, this real-life game of survival brings together 10 diverse pairs of ordinary Australians who transform into real-life Fugitives. With limited funds and resources, they must rely on clever thinking and resourcefulness to survive and remain undetected while on the run.

However, while it makes for excellent viewing, fans of the show can’t help but be a little bit confused over the rules.

Why can’t the Hunters raid a house? And wouldn’t it be easier for the Fugitives if they just stayed in one place?

While the show is meant purely for entertainment purposes, the ones doing the hunting are professionals, which is why people are questioning every little detail.

To save you the headache, we’ve broken down the rules the Fugitives and Hunters must follow when playing the game.

“Hunted Australia” Rules

Released somewhere in Melbourne, Victoria’s bustling Docklands, the Fugitives mission is to remain undetected for a gruelling 21 days, all while being relentlessly pursued by a team of expert Hunters.

The team of Hunters is comprised of some of the world’s best investigators, including former members of the Australian Federal Police, Australian Defence Force, and British Intelligence. Supported by skilled cyber analysts and intel experts, these dedicated Hunters deploy their arsenal of tools to capture the Fugitives.

Based at Hunted HQ, the Hunters employ cutting-edge technology to analyse various intelligence sources. They simulate the powers of surveillance available to the state, such as CCTV, automatic number plate recognition (ANPR), telecommunication information, and access to bank and phone records. They basically leave no stone unturned.

Surrounded by constant surveillance, the Fugitives criss-cross the state of Victoria, constantly looking over their shoulders and meticulously weighing the risks and rewards of every move they make.

In Season 1 of “Hunted Australia”, contestants were allowed to bring an overnight bag, $500, sunglasses and a map of Victoria. They were also recommended to bring a black cap, disguises, running shoes, an address book and food.

One thing that they are not allowed to have on them is a phone. Because they’re essentially “criminals”, detectives are given a head start in gathering intel after the fugitives give up their devices.

Contestants are also not permitted to leave Victoria, unlike their UK counterparts, who can hide anywhere in the country. It’s also required for one team member to wear a personal camera device at all times. And they have a cameraman following their every move.

What are the Rules for International Versions?

While this is only the second Australian version of “Hunted”, the show has run for a long time overseas. 

  • Fugitive teams must move every 48 hours and travel at least 8km
  • They cannot return to the same place twice or use the same resource more than once
  • Teams have to use the ATM twice during the competition, but it must be on different days
  • Fugitives are given a one-hour head start before the Hunters are alerted
  • No one can give the team money.
  • Producers “can create or take away a rule at any point”.

“Hunted Australia” airs Monday — Wednesday at 7.30pm on Channel 10 and 10 Play.

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