Buckle Up, Folks! Here’s Your First Look at “I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here!” 2023

I'm a celebrity get me out of here! 2023
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It’s a new year, which means a new group of celebrities are headed to the jungle to compete on “I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here!” 2023. While everything has been kept tightly under wraps, we now finally have some details, including the first promo!

Returning for its ninth season, the series will premiere on Sunday, April 2 at 7.30pm. Previously, the show has aired in January, but was bumped from its usual timeslot to make space for “The Bachelors” this year. Additionally, hosts Julia Morris and Dr Chris Brown return to their beloved South African Treehouse for another year.

What to Expect From “I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here!” 2023

In the teaser, the hosts put on a musical performance as they prepare to hop on a plane headed to South Africa.

Fans are eager to find out who will be challenging themselves in the 2023 season, and while we haven’t been given any names just yet, some celebrity clues have been unveiled.

In the clip, Morris and Brown take on the role of air hosts. They also provide clues on who is headed to the jungle. We’re talking a Brownlow Medal-winning “famous footballer”, a “comedian”, a “TV host”, a “boxing lightweight” and a “famous chef”. Any guesses on who it might be?

Clue: A Logie-Winning Legend

We’re teased a star of the stage and screen who’s “no stranger to drama away from home”. This has got to be a longtime “Home and Away” cast member. Could it be double Gold Logie winner Georgie Parker?

Clue: Celeb Chef Master

“Mastering the art of the exotic snack in the real world, the food challenges are bound to be a breeze. Or not,” the clue reads. “Used to whipping up a frenzy, will they walk away with the crown like chefs before them?”

Judging by this clue alone, we think it’s safe to say that it’s someone from “MasterChef”. Any guesses?

Clue: TV Personality

It’ll be all hands-on deck when they go from the high seas to the African jungle. Will they be the perfect campmate, or will they go overboard at the first big swell?

Clue: Reality Star

“Which reality star will get a fright at first sight? This celebrity has their bags packed and ready for some drama in the jungle,” the promo teases. “No stranger to dinner parties, they have a lot of baggage on board. Or is it a lot of carry on?”

This has got to be a “Married At First Sight” participant with the dinner party reference. And judging by the female shoe — it’s gotta be a Bride!

Clue: TV Royalty 

We’re also teased to TV royalty joining the cast in the African Jungle.

“Making a grand entrance in the African jungle is none other than TV Royalty…They may not be used to the camp conditions, but will they tough it out to raise the crown?” the promo reads.

Is it possible that the Duchess of York, Sarah Ferguson, is involved? The 63-year-old had previously postponed her speaking tour in Australia due to a “schedule conflict.” Considering that Mike Tindall participated in the British version, it is conceivable that “Fergie” might be a contestant on “I’m a Celeb”.

Clue: An Outspoken TV Host 

This TV host, renowned for expressing their strong views, is likely to polarise their campmates.

Despite being known for their exceptional talent spotting, they might be rendered speechless while consuming fish eyes during a Tucker Trial!

It certainly sounds a bit like former “Australian Idol” judge Ian “Dicko” Dickson to us, or perhaps Mark Holden?

Clue: An AFL Star

A prominent athlete is set to enter the African Jungle, as per the latest hint that suggests an AFL star who has won the Brownlow Medal.

The promo offers the question, “Which AFL star will be making his mark?” and reveals that the player in question is “a bit of a flyer,” providing the only other clue.

Clue: Queen of the Court

“A sporting legend that is Queen of the court will be playing to win in the African Jungle,” the voiceover teases in the promo clip. “The only thing she’ll be courting here is the creepy crawlies!”

It is easy to assume that the individual featured is a champion in tennis, given the presence of a trophy cup. Although Ash Barty comes to mind, it is unlikely that she will participate in a physically demanding program like this since she is expecting a child this year. So, who could it be?

Clue: A Radio Host

In another preview, we’re teased by a radio host entering the jungle. The video begins with a large lizard crawling around a radio studio. Then, a voice-over says: “A radio host that loves to kiss and tell will have plenty to say in the outback and jungle.”

The preview then cuts to a giraffe in the jungle, with its mouth covered in lipstick. The animal announces it would love to get a “kiss” from the mystery contestant.

Clue: A UK TV Star

The latest teaser announced a UK TV star is heading into the jungle.

“When a UK TV star lands in the African jungle, drama will be a ‘shore’ thing,” the voiceover announces.

We’re almost certain it’s going to be someone from “Geordie Shore” with that play on words! But who could it be?

Former TV and radio host Dylan Lewis was crowned King of the Jungle in 2022. Singer Brooke McClymont placed second, followed by former AFL coach and player Nathan Buckley.

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