All the “I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here” 2024 Cast Clues

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It’s that time of the year again! “I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here!” is gearing up for its 10th season, and the buzz surrounding the star-studded line-up is reaching fever pitch! With Julia Morris back at the helm and Robert Irwin joining the series, we’re in for a wild ride through the South African jungle. Ahead, find all the “I’m a Celeb” 2024 cast clues.

For those new to the scene, here’s the lowdown: our celebs will be thrust into the heart of the jungle, where they’ll face off in nail-biting challenges that’ll push them to their limits. And let’s not forget the ultimate prize – a cool $100,000 for the charity of the winner’s choice.

“I’m A Celeb”’s 2023 winner Liz Ellis donated her prize money to Share the Dignity, while 2022 winner Dylan Lewis gave his to the charity Lifeline. In 2021, winner Abbie Chatfield donated her prize money to Dementia Australia.

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With the 10th season now just around the corner, the guessing game has officially begun! The clues are dropping like breadcrumbs, as 10 teases us with hints about who might be braving the jungle this time around. From controversial TV stars to gold medallists loved by royals, the possibilities are endless. With each clue sparking new theories and speculations, the countdown to the March 27th premiere couldn’t come sooner.

So, without further ado, here are all the “I’m a Celebrity” 2024 clues so far.

“I’m a Celebrity” 2024 Cast Clues

Clue: National Treasure

Clue: “She may be Australia’s National Treasure, but her Logie won’t help her now.”

Guesses: Alright, this one’s got us scratching our heads. The clues are sparse, leaving us with more questions than answers. When we hear “national treasure”, our minds immediately jump to big names like Nicole Kidman, Hugh Jackman, or Kylie Minogue. But let’s face it – these megastars are probably too busy conquering the world to take a detour into the jungle.

Fans on social media have their detective hats on, with many guessing Lisa McCune, Carrie Bickmore and Sonia Kruger as potential matches. Only time will tell.

Clue: Hollywood Childhood Star

A former Hollywood child star is now bracing themselves for the jungle’s challenges. As they prepare to enter the wild world of “I’m A Celebrity”, they’ll soon find out if their star power can withstand the trials and tribulations that Robert Irwin and Julia Morris have in store for them.

Clue: “A Hollywood Child Star is set to enter the jungle but are they prepared for the wild ride?”

Guesses: While we don’t have all the juicy details, fans on social media are tossing around some intriguing guesses. One fan is banking on “Sabrina the Teenage Witch” star Melissa Joan Hart making a jungle appearance, while another is rooting for media sensation JoJo Siwa. And hey, who knows, maybe it’s an Aussie childhood star-turned-Hollywood A-lister like Phoebe Tonkin. It might seem like a long shot, but hey, stranger things have happened in the jungle.

Clue: Mega Influencer

Get ready for some major jungle influence, as a mega influencer steps into the wild. But can this diva thrive without creature comforts? Or will the jungle critters prove to be the ultimate challenge?

Clue: “A mega influencer is coming into the jungle.”

Guesses: There’s a certain thrill in watching an influencer take on tucker trials in the jungle.

As for who it might be, international influencer and OnlyFans star Harry Jowsey comes to mind. With his penchant for reality TV, thanks to his stint on Netflix’s “Too Hot Too Handle”, plus appearances on “The Amazing Race Australia” and “Dancing With The Stars US”, it wouldn’t be a stretch to see him in the “I’m A Celeb” lineup.

And then there’s the hilarious Australian comedian and influencer, Christian Hull, who’s been floated as another possible contestant.

Clue: International Stage Sensation

Venturing into the jungle, will this International Stage Sensation trade the glitz and glamour for gruelling challenges?

Clue: “Which International Stage Sensation is ditching their famous family for the African jungle?”

Guesses: Fans speculate it could be Frankie Grande, Ariana Grande’s brother, with his Broadway background and reality TV experience. Then there’s Jamie Lynn Spears, Britney Spears’ sister, who recently tried the UK version but had to leave for family reasons. Another interesting hypothesis fans of the show have is that it could be Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne‘s son Jack Osbourne.

Clue: Glamorous Sports Star

Get ready for another celebrity passport stamp – this time, it’s a glamorous sports star stepping into the limelight.

Clue: “The next celebrity dusting off their passport is a glamorous sports star.”

Guesses: Fans are hoping it’s Matildas’ sensation Mary Fowler, who graced the cover of Marie Claire’s 2023 Women Of The Year issue. Recent headlines also buzzed with her sweet romance with NRL’s Nathan Cleary.

Otherwise, there’s three-time Olympic gold medalist swimmer Stephanie Rice in the mix. While she turned down an offer to join the show in 2015 due to brand and moral concerns, her appearance on “SAS Australia” suggests a shift in perspective since then.

Clue: Controversial TV Star

Ooh, the drama! Looks like we can expect a bit of spice with this one. Who do you reckon has been stirring the pot in the TV world lately? The possibilities are endless.

Clue: “A controversial TV star is heading into the jungle.”

Guesses: Oh, the suspense! With a clue like this, the possibilities are endless. But let’s dive into the fan theories, shall we? Some eagle-eyed viewers are pointing fingers at TV personalities like Rove McManus, George Mladenov from “Australian Survivor”, or even Olivia Frazer from “MAFS”. However, there’s also a compelling case for Kelli Harris from “Australian Survivor” – remember her quirky comment about being a meerkat at the last Tribal Council? And wouldn’t you know it, there are some meerkats conveniently featured in the clue clip.

Clue: Gold Medallist Loved by Royals

Talk about a royal seal of approval! We’re thinking Olympic glory here. But what’s this about diverting from Paris? Could we be talking about an athlete skipping out on the Olympics for a shot at “I’m a Celebrity” fame?

Clue: “A gold medallist is diverting from Paris to the African jungle. Word is, they’re a real trailblazer.”

Guesses: With a nod to Paris and a mention of blazing trails, it’s hard to think of anyone other than the legendary Cathy Freeman. I mean, come on, she’s an Olympic gold medallist from the 2000 Sydney Olympics, and there’s even a whole series dedicated to her called Trailblazers.

But the celeb sparking the most buzz is Olympic swimmer Mack Horton. I mean, this guy clinched Australia’s first gold medal at the Rio de Janeiro Olympics in 2016 at just 16 years old.

Clue: TV Love Rat

Ah, the classic reality TV archetype – the bad boy who’s no stranger to heartbreak. With shows like “MAFS” and “The Bachelor” in the mix, we’re bracing ourselves for some serious drama.

Clue: “A TV love rat is coming to the jungle.”

Guesses: With a clue like this, it’s straight out of the reality TV playbook. Now, let’s dive into the gossip mill. Some fans are pointing fingers at Reid Polak from “Love Island Australia” 2023. But hold onto your roses, because others on social media are swearing it’s Ciarran Stott, the infamous playboy from “Bachelor in Paradise Australia”.

Clue: AFL Legend

We’ve got a hall of famer with a premiership win under their belt ready to tackle the jungle. Can you imagine your favourite AFL hero swapping the footy field for the wilderness?

Clue: “An AFL Hall of Famer is dropping into the jungle. He’s a premiership winner too, but can he dodge a python’s loving embrace?”

Guesses: Alright, footy fanatics, let’s break this down. Considering the AFL season is right around the corner, our jungle-bound legend likely won’t be an active player. The top guess making the rounds? Jimmy Bartel, who’s retired from the game but still a household name. However, fans on Instagram are convinced it’s either former Brisbane Lions player Luke Hodge or the Sydney Swan’s Lance ‘Buddy’ Franklin.

Clue: International Comedian

Now, this one’s got us scratching our heads. This star is said to be “loved by the royals”. “They’re used to hecklers, but are they used to Irwins?” Morris hints.

Clue: “International comedian heading into the jungle. Loved by the royals, this international comedian will be dropping into the jungle. Let’s hope their stand-up works on crocodiles.”

Guesses: So, who could it be? Well, there are a few British comedians that come to mind. Jack Whitehall springs to mind, with his infamous gig at King Charles’ Christmas party. Then there’s Michael McIntyre, who’s had his fair share of royal roasts. Or, as a clever Instagram user pointed out, could it be Ross Noble with that very royal-esque last name?

Clue: Celebrity Cook

Last but not least, we’ve got a culinary maestro set to spice things up in camp. But who could it be? With past seasons featuring the likes of Miguel Maestre and Colin Fassnidge, we’re in for a treat.

Clues: “This celebrity cook dropping into the jungle has a flair for competition and is sure to cause a stir!”

Guesses: Every year, the chef’s culinary skills have been a godsend – turning those beans and rice into something halfway edible! But Australia’s love affair with “MasterChef” has blessed us with an abundance of celebrity chefs, making it tough to narrow it down. Could it be Khanh Ong or Reynold Poernomo?

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