Skye Wheatley Crowned Ruler of the Jungle on “I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here!”

I'm a Celebrity's 2024 winner
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In what was a tense and gripping finale, Skye Wheatley has been declared the winner of 2024’s “I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here!” At the end of this episode, not only was Skye crowned Queen of the Jungle, she also won $100,000 for the charity Bully Zero. Skye’s victory left Callum Hole and Tristan MacManus as this year’s runners-up.

After learning of their win, Skye was almost speechless.

“This is the best,” Skye said after her victory. “I feel blessed to have this opportunity and have gone through all the things I’ve gone through.”

However, both Callum and Tristan were good sports about their respective loses. As Callum exited the jungle, he said, “It has been amazing… It was so great from the start to the end.”

Who Were the “I’m a Celebrity” Finalists?

Before winning “I’m a Celebrity”, Skye Wheatley was a fan-favourite contestant on the 2014 season of “Big Brother Australia”. And while Skye didn’t win this series, coming third, she has since made a name for herself on Instagram. On this site, she currently has over 600,000 followers.

Meanwhile, Callum Hole is best known for starring in Season 4 of “Love Island Australia”. He may have been a bit of a playboy while in the villa, but he won Australia’s heart with his hilarious one-liners, coming third.

Tristan MacManus is an Irish dancer who gained notoriety for his appearances on five seasons of “Dancing With The Stars America”. But in 2012, it was his dance routines with Pamela Anderson that truly captured the public’s imagination.

On I’m a Celebrity, Tristan, Skye, and Callum all did their very best to become the last one’s standing. While starring in this series, they had access to limited comforts and had to compete for basic necessities. At any point, Tristan, Skye, or Callum could have been voted off by the public. They could have also quit by saying the catchphrase, “I’m a celebrity, get me out of here.”

Congratulations Skye, you are the winner of “I’m a Celebrity” 2024! Please go and enjoy some well-earned rest.

If you want to watch Skye become the 2024 winner of “I’m a Celebrity”, the finale is currently streaming on 10 Play.

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