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(In)Visible Portraits Documentary by Oge Egbuonu | Trailer

This Powerful Documentary Takes a Deep Look at the Othering of Black Women in America

As part of the ongoing conversation about racial injustice, actress and filmmaker Oge Egbuonu is making her feature documentary directorial debut with (In)Visible Portraits, a film made to shine a light on the history of Black women in America. In a recent Instagram post featuring the trailer for the movie, Egbuonu wrote, "The documentary illuminates the history of how we got here, dismantles the false framework of the present-day reality, and celebrates the extraordinary heritage of exceptional Black women who have come before as well as igniting hope for the next generation of young Black women who will lead the world of tomorrow."

Egbuonu began production on the documentary on July 18, 2018, and created it to shatter the "too-often invisible otherising of Black women in America," while also reclaiming the narrative of Black women in America through the use of their own words and stories. "Creating (In)Visible Portraits rearranged me in the most profound way," Egbuonu said. "I learned so much. Many days were filled with heartbreak and grief due to my learnings, but I poured my life and soul into creating this love letter to Black women and I hope it serves as a beautiful offering to y'all."

The powerful and inspiring trailer has also been shared by Halle Berry who said, "It's a powerful film that will rock you to your core, stir your soul, and educate and enlighten you in ways that couldn't be more timely." (In)Visible Portraits is set to premiere in virtual cinemas on June 19, aka Juneteenth. Watch the full video here and learn more about what Black women are doing to support the Black Lives Matter movement.

This Powerful Documentary Takes a Deep Look at the Othering of Black Women in America  originally posted on POPSUGAR Entertainment
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