Andrew Garfield Is “Definitely Open” to Reprising His Role in Spider-Man – Again

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Spider-Man hasn’t seen the last of Andrew Garfield. Fans lost it when the actor reprised his role as Peter Parker in Tom Holland’s Spider-Man: No Way Home alongside fellow alum Tobey Maguire. The ending of the movie sends Garfield and Maguire’s characters back to their own metaverse and seemingly leaves the door open for them to return. Lucky for us, Garfield is willing to walk through that door once more! In an interview with Variety, he said he’s “definitely open to something if it felt right.”

“Peter and Spider-Man, those characters are all about service, to the greater good and the many. He’s a working-class boy from Queens that knows struggle and loss and is deeply empathetic. I would try to borrow Peter Parker’s ethical framework in that, if there was an opportunity to step back in and tell more of that story, I would have to feel very sure and certain in myself,” he said of the possibility of returning.

Garfield also discussed the “cosmically beautiful” ending to Spider-Man: No Way Home when his character is able to rescue MJ (Zendaya). It’s a redemption arc after he wasn’t able to save his love interest Gwen Stacy (Emma Stone) in the Garfield-led Spider-Man trilogy. “My Spider-Man got to save his younger brother’s romantic relationship, potentially. And to heal the most traumatic moment of his own life through doing it for his younger brother. Making sure that he didn’t have the same fate, there’s something cosmically beautiful about that,” the actor told Variety. “It meant getting a second chance at saving Gwen.”

In December, Spider-Man producer Amy Pascal confirmed that more movies of the Marvel Studios franchise are underway in a partnership with Sony. She also assured fans that Holland will be returning to Spider-Man. “This is not the last movie that we are going to make with Marvel – [this is not] the last Spider-Man movie,” Pascal said in an interview with Fandango. “We are getting ready to make the next Spider-Man movie with Tom Holland and Marvel. We’re thinking of this as three films, and now we’re going to go onto the next three. This is not the last of our MCU movies.”

Now that we know Holland is in and Garfield is open to it – what do you say, Maguire? I’d love to see a trilogy with all of them.

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