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J Lo Wasn't Snubbed at the Oscars Nominations

Unpopular Opinion: Here's Why I Don't Think J Lo Was Snubbed at the Oscar Nominations

PALM SPRINGS, CALIFORNIA - JANUARY 02: Jennifer Lopez attends the 31st Annual Palm Springs International Film Festival Film Awards Gala at Palm Springs Convention Centre on January 02, 2020 in Palm Springs, California. (Photo by Rich Fury/Getty Images for Palm Springs International Film Festival)

Image Source: Getty / Rich Fury

I love Jennifer Lopez. I think she's one of the most beautiful women in the world, incredibly hardworking, disciplined, beyond talented, and just overall goals. I've been following her career since Selena, followed by "If You Had My Love," and every single movie, album, appearance, business venture, etc. she's done ever since. As a devoted J Lo fan for over 20 years, however, I don't think she was snubbed at the Oscar nominations.

Don't get me wrong. I think Hustlers was great, and I really enjoyed seeing a group of strong women of all backgrounds taking the lead in a morally complex story that left the viewers in awe, rather than provoking judgement against the characters. After diving deep into the stories, you couldn't help but to sympathize with all the ladies, even queenpin Ramona with her really strong demeanour, but showing little hints of emotion here and there that really made her the enigma she was.

HUSTLERS, from left: Constance Wu, Jennifer Lopez, 2019.  STX Entertainment / courtesy Everett Collection

Image Source: Everett Collection

I also think J Lo did an amazing job with the character. I loved seeing her take on a role that was far from the typical damsel in distress she plays in a lot of her movies — which I enjoy regardless! It was refreshing to see a Latina character, played by a Latina, taking the lead and guiding this misfit group into the best years of their lives, becoming their mother figure and taking care of them, and most importantly, doing things for herself.

In my opinion, this role has shown how much J Lo has grown and evolved as an actress, and how versatile she can be. However, there were some times in the movie where the line between Ramona and J Lo seemed a little blurred. There were moments in which I thought, "That's such a J Lo gesture," or "This is the J Lo I'm used to seeing in interviews." At one point I remember thinking, "Oh, this seems like a heightened version of J Lo."

HUSTLERS, Jennifer Lopez, 2019. photo: Barbara Nitke /  STX Entertainment / courtesy Everett Collection

Image Source: Everett Collection

In the next movie that J Lo does, I really want to see her stay away from her comfort zone. No damsels in distress, and no New Yorkers. I feel like when she plays a New Yorker she gets carried away, and that's when her whole "Jenny From the Block" pride comes out, and then you see her personality creeping through her characters. I do think that she's capable of earning an Oscar nomination and win — I still don't understand why she didn't get that recognition for Selena — and I hope that she does sooner rather than later.

In the meantime, we can all just replay her pole dance scene from the beginning of Hustlers and admire how incredible and out of this world this woman is.

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