Jacinta Is a Ray of Sunshine Who’s Ready to Shake Things Up on “Love Triangle”

jacinta love triangle

In a world dominated by the swipe left/swipe right culture, where love is often reduced to superficial pictures, “Love Triangle” is not your ordinary dating show. It’s a whirlwind of emotions and connections that challenge the very notion of what makes a perfect partner. And this season, Jacinta steps boldly into this modern-day love challenge, ready to embrace its unique twists and turns.

The 28-year-old model is a ray of sunshine who’s ready to light up your life and hers. She’s not just searching for love; she’s embarking on the adventure of a lifetime.

Jacinta proudly identifies as pansexual, celebrating love without borders. She’s experienced the ups and downs of relationships with both men and women, but it’s been four years since she last dated a man. Will “Love Triangle” change that?

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What Jacinta’s Looking for on “Love Triangle”

Sure, Jacinta has dipped her toes into the dating app pool, but let’s be real — it’s been more about getting that little ego boost than seriously searching for “the one.” She’s ready to move beyond swipes and emojis, craving a connection that goes deeper than a well-crafted profile.

For Jacinta, it’s all about that emotional spark. Energy and confidence are her non-negotiables. She’s the kind of person who can turn a mundane day into an adventure, and she’s looking for a partner who can match her zest for life.

Jacinta has decided to take her quest for love to the next level by joining the whirlwind romantic experiment that is “Love Triangle”. It’s a bold move, and she’s ready to face the twists, turns, and surprises that await her on the show. Will she find the one who can keep up with her boundless energy and capture her heart?

The first two episodes of “Love Triangle” Season 2 will premiere October 5, followed by a brand new episode every Thursday, only on Stan.

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