This Week on POPSUGAR Rush: What’s A Pound of Bacon to Get an Oscar?

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Method acting has taken a turn since it first entered the cultural zeitgeist. Gone are the days when it was referred to by the Stanislavsky method, and it was just Marlon Brando doing his thing in “A Streetcar Named Desire”. Now it’s become associated with actors terrorising their castmates with dead animals, refusing to stop talking in a ridiculous voice no matter the circumstances and, for Jacob Elordi, eating a pound of bacon a day. We will never know peace.

Yet, this week on POPSUGAR Rush, Starr and I talk about how Jacob Elordi is… doing all the right things. He’s got a serious bid for an Oscar nomination across two films — “Priscilla” and “Saltburn”. We, frankly, would love to see it for him. Put him in the pantheon of decorated Aussie actors alongside Cate Blanchett, Toni Collette, Nicole Kidman, Margot Robbie and more. Give this gloriously tall man the trophies he deserves!

Jacob Elordi Is a National Treasure-in-Training. Period.

In fact, all of Jacob Elordi’s promo for his work has made him an unexpected internet favourite. First, he opened up about his first exposure to Elvis Presley. While, to many of us, The King has always been a sort of omnipresent culture icon, immortalised by endless impersonations, iconic outfits and *that* voice, Jacob Elordi’s first memory of Elvis was hearing “Hound Dog” play on “Lilo & Stitch”.

Then, in a separate interview, he speaks about one of the truly great Australians — Kylie Minogue (or, as I refer to her, Mother). Andy Cohen asked Elordi just how straight Aussie men perceive Mother, given she’s such an icon for women and the LGTBQIA+ community. Jacob’s answer? The correct one.

“She’s a national treasure. Period.”


Beyond our outpouring of love for Jacob Elordi, this week’s episode of POPSUGAR Rush also included discussions about:

  • The global political implications of Kylie Jenner and Martin Scorcese posing for a photo together.
  • The return of “Big Brother“, and why we’ll always yearn for its heyday.
  • Rachel Zegler understanding the assignment when it comes to “The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes”.
  • Katy Perry still having a plethora of celebrity friends.
  • Nicolas Cage despising his movies becoming a meme.
  • “Barbenheimer: The Movie.” Yes it’s happening.

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