Jake’s Ready to Embrace Adventure in the “Big Brother” House

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Stepping onto the grand stage is Jake, a high-energy tradesman who’s all set to embark on an unforgettable journey in the “Big Brother” house. His confidence and goofy nature add a unique spark to his personality. While he doesn’t shy away from admitting a touch of cockiness, it’s Jake’s humour that truly sets him apart.

Coming from a rich cultural heritage, blending Italian and Maltese roots, Jake’s love for family shines through his shared experiences of crafting homemade salami and wine with his mum and diving into the world of car restoration with his dad.

However, beneath the surface, there’s an intriguing twist — Jake’s quirky fear of bugs. To the point where he won’t hesitate to dial up his mum for a rescue mission. But don’t let that quirky fear fool you. Jake is all about embracing his good looks and using his charm to full advantage. He’s not afraid to engage in some playful flirting and is known to have a good laugh at himself, often joking, “you’ll get a lot of blonde moments out of me”.

Facts About Jake

  • His current living arrangement involves sharing a home with his dad, who happens to be his closest confidant.
  • Jake’s daily routine includes a robust eight-hour workday, a gym session, and evenings spent whipping up dinner and strumming his guitar.
  • According to friends and family, Jake is the affable soul who doesn’t take himself or life too seriously.
  • Jake’s upper body strength is a source of pride and confidence for him.
  • Jake is prepared to take a leap of faith and make the tough decisions. Even if it means parting ways with friendships, to secure his spot in the house.

With Jake’s spirited presence, magnetic charisma, and the promise of spontaneous and entertaining moments, the “Big Brother” house is in for a lively and unpredictable adventure.

“Big Brother Australia” premieres Monday, 6 November at 7.30pm on Channel 7 and 7plus.

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