Jamie Lee Curtis's Family Celebrate Her Hand and Footprint Ceremony in LA

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Jamie Lee Curtis had the support of her family and close friends as she imprinted her hands and feet in cement at the TCL Chinese Theatre in Hollywood on Oct. 12. The 63-year-old icon attended the ceremony with her husband, Christopher Guest; daughters Annie and Ruby Guest; and their respective spouses, Jason Wolf and Kynthia. Dozens of costars and associates were also in attendance, including Melanie Griffith, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Kyle Richards, and producer Jason Blum. The event took place one day after the “Halloween Ends” world premiere, where Curtis walked the red carpet with her two children.

After an acting career spanning more than 40 years, the honor is long overdue for Curtis, who made her film debut in the first “Halloween” horror film in 1978. During the ceremony, Schwarzenegger spoke to Curtis’s ongoing legacy and versatility. “There’s a lot of stars here in Hollywood that have maybe one hit or two hits. This woman has hits for more than four decades. Think about that,” said the actor, who portrayed her onscreen husband in the 1994 action movie “True Lies.” He added, “For more than four decades, one hit after the next, and it doesn’t matter what genre it is. If it is comedy, if it is a love story, if it’s an action movie, or whatever it is, she can do it. I’ve seen that firsthand.”

Griffith also addressed the crowd, sharing how she and Curtis first met in 1980 as the 20-something children of famous actors. (Griffith’s mother is “The Birds” leading lady Tippi Hedren, and Curtis’s mother is the late Janet Leigh, who starred in “Psycho.”) “For two girls like us who grew up in the glimmer and glow of old Hollywood, to have your hands and feet immortalized in cement at the legendary Chinese Theater is a really, really big deal,” Griffith said. “It is an honor only for those who have left an indelible mark on this industry, and Jamie has certainly done that.”

Griffith, like Schwarzenegger, commented on the honoree’s dynamic career: “She’s done the Halloween films and is a horror icon, of course, but she’s also been a sex symbol, a comedian, an action hero, and a fantastic dramatic actress. She’s been a movie star, a TV star, a social media warrior, and she is funny. She can make you laugh until you cry.”

“There are important stories to tell, and I now get to because of Laurie Strode.”

In her own speech, Curtis reflected on her involvement in the Halloween franchise, crediting the 2018 installment for reinvigorating her passion for storytelling. “That movie in 2018 was such an enormous moment for me because what it not only gave the world – which was a reintroduction to Laurie Strode and ‘Halloween’ and Michael Myers and this epic conflict between good and evil – it also gave me a creative life that I have been wanting since I was a young, young girl,” she said. ” . . . There are important stories to tell, and I now get to because of Laurie Strode.”

Curtis also gave a sweet shout-out to the family members and friends who’ve supported her along the way, holding back tears the whole time but especially while naming her daughters. “I am proud to be the daughter of Janet Leigh and Tony Curtis,” she said. “I am proud to be the wife of Christopher Guest. I am so proud to be the parent of Annie Guest and Ruby, and I’m really proud to be a friend to so many people who share everything with me: good, bad, hard, soft, joyful, tragic. Because that’s the beautiful part of life.”

Read ahead for all the photos of Curtis celebrating her hand and footprint ceremony surrounded by loved ones.

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