We Need to Talk About the Bond Between Celebrity Apprentice’s Janine Allis and David Genat

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What’s a few knives in the back between friends! Boost Juice entrepreneur and Celebrity Apprentice advisor Janine Allis has shared a little tidbit about her bond with co-star David Genat.

Back in 2019, Allis and Genat first met while duking it out for the title of Sole Survivor on Australian Survivor: Champions vs. Contenders, before both losing to actress Pia Miranda. Genat later returned for All Stars and won.

Posting a snap of herself walking arm-in-arm along the Fijian beach with the international model, Allis wrote: “We backstabbed each other. A lot.”

Instagram / @janine_allis

Posting a snap from Celebrity Apprentice, she added “We did not always look like this”.

Instagram / @janine_allis

The duo both played strategically aggressive Survivor games, earning themselves the nicknames The Godmother and The Golden God. Genat’s torch was snuffed out first in a blindside orchestrated by Allis, who was eliminated shortly thereafter.

Although both players were very competitive with one another, there remained a mutual respect between the two for a game well played. After Allis was eliminated, Genat joked on Instagram that “the Perfumed Scorpion [had] stung her last victim”.

“What an honour to play the game with this social & strategic mastermind,” he wrote. “Pour some juice out for @janine_allis.”

Speaking to Mediaweek about the pair’s Celebrity Apprentice reunion, David said: “Janine came in and I was like ‘F*** Janine is actually in the show’ and it never crossed my mind that she would be there advising,” he admitted.

“It was actually really funny, and we have a good dynamic, personally she is just the best. She is such a lovely person.”

Still, The Golden God is nothing if not vengeful, and once Genat saw that The Godmother would be advising Lord Sugar, he saw an opportunity to strike back.

Speaking with TV Week, Genat joked: “Janine sold me down the river on Survivor: Champions vs Contenders in 2018 so I wasn’t super stoked to hear she was advising the big boss!”

“I have a penchant for revenge so knowing I couldn’t get her fired kind of rubbed me the wrong way!” he continued. “That didn’t stop me from trying to get her sacked, but Lord Sugar really seemed to like her and wanted to keep her on board.”

Better luck next time, Dave!

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