All of the Reasons Why Jason Sudeikis Is Having a Moment


Jason Sudeikis is officially a Zaddy—when did this happen?!

We posed this question to our Instagram followers yesterday, as Sudeikis graced the Emmy’s red carpet in a velvet Tom Ford suit, looking exceptionally hot.

I shared this post to my own Instagram story because I was literally drooling over this hunk of a man that I have only recently had the pleasure of becoming acquainted with, thanks to his incredible Emmy award-winning show Ted Lasso.

A few of my older friends sent me messages like: “🙄 he’s always been this hot” and “I can’t believe Olivia Wilde dumped him for Harry Styles“, while my younger friends were in just as much shock as I. I mean, we’d let this beautiful man fly under our radars for so long—how rude!

So let’s back it up. Safe to say I’ve done some digging since yesterday morning’s red carpet.

Jason Sudeikis is an actor, writer and producer. He started his career as a sketch writer for Saturday Night Live in 2003, where he became a featured player in 2005 and stayed there for 12 years, leaving in 2015.

As an actor, Sudeikis’s breakout role was in the comedy film Horrible Bosses and he is now known as a comedic actor in films such as We’re the Millers, Hall Pass, Driven and so many more. His character is always the goofy, dorky, awkward dad type (hot).

As a producer, creator and writer, his most famous and well-loved work is his recent TV show Ted Lasso, which took home eight Emmys at the awards ceremony yesterday.

Side note: If you haven’t seen Ted Lasso yet you absolutely should. It’s funny, feel-good and incredibly endearing which is 100 per cent what everyone needs to be consuming right now. We all need a Ted Lasso in our lives.

The internet went wild for Sudeikis yesterday, as he won Best Actor in a Comedy Series for Ted Lasso, a show he co-created, produces and stars in.

His speech was emotional and endearing, just like his character on the show, and TBH it made me want to hug him but also make out with him on the couch, awkward teenage-style, y’know?


It’s been a while since I had a crush on an older male actor that isn’t Stanley Tucci (I still love you Tuch), but Jason Sudeikis has taken me by surprise with his undeniable sex appeal.

Was he always this hot?

The things I knew about Jason Sudeikis before yesterday, was that he was married to Olivia Wilde and… that he was married to Olivia Wilde.

Wilde was Sudeikis’s second wife. They married in 2011, they have two kids together and were a grossly adorable couple. I mean, who hasn’t been obsessed with Olivia Wilde since her role as Alex on The OC?

They divorced in last year, as Sudeikis told GQ Magazine in a feature this July.

I’m sure that Sudeikis is just as famous as Wilde in the Hollywood sphere, but so much of his work is done behind-the-scenes as voice-overs, writing and producing.

He’s never really been known as the front man; until now.

I went looking for some old photos of the couple, just to make sure that I hadn’t actually missed anything.

Jason and Olivia in 2013 / Getty Images.

Although he’s always been cute in a dorky-kinda-way, there’s just something about him now that makes you stop and take a moment to look, just enough to realise that he is a 10/10 hunk.

Maybe I’m just getting caught up in his Ted Lasso character, with his quick-wit and endearing optimism, but I can’t but think that that character, is loosely based on Sudeikis himself.

An excerpt from Sudeikis’s GQ feature back in July, suggests that his work and his personal life are often combined.

“…his split from his partner and the mother of his two children, Olivia Wilde, became public in a way that from a great distance seemed not entirely dissimilar to something that happens to the character he plays on the show that everyone was suddenly watching,” writes Zach Baro.

“Personal stuff, professional stuff, I mean, it’s all…that Venn diagram for me is very”—here he held up two hands to form one circle—“you know?”, Sudeikis is quoted in the article when asked if his character’s journey through divorce was similar to his own.

Rumours have recently been swirling that Sudeikis is dating actress and model Keeley Hazel, who appears in Ted Lasso as a character called Bex.

According to Us Weekly, “a source close to the duo confirmed that the pair are dating” after photos were run by the Daily Mail of the two looking very much together while walking around New York City back in June, and have been seen hiking and doing other cute, couple-y things together as little as six days ago.

I mean honestly, I would usually feel a pang of jealously (ridiculous, I know, but a gal can dream), but honestly, I just want Jason Sudeikis to be happy. In my opinion, emotionally vulnerable and creatively passionate men deserve to be lurrrrrved and if they can’t find hot model/actor girlfriends, then I would be happy to oblige.

Okay real talk: men like Jason Sudeikis, who empower people, are seemingly attuned with their emotions, carry around film cameras and have experienced some real LIFE, are not only a super horny topic for me, but also make me hopeful for a world of deep, talented and romantic people.

So, as I sit here and change my lock screen background (shh, don’t tell his GF), I look forward to continuing Sudeikis’s award-winning show Ted Lasso (you can stream here) and my crush on him, until further notice.

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