The Bachelors 2023: Get to Know Rockstar Jed McIntosh

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It’s been a long time coming but “The Bachelors Australia” is finally here and soon we’ll be tuning in to watch Bachelors Felix Von HofeJed McIntosh and Thomas Malucelli embark on their journeys to find true love.

This season of “The Bachelors Australia” was filmed back in May 2022, but Network Ten pushed it back in a bid to give new shows like “Hunted Australia“, “The Traitors“, “The Real Love Boat” and “The Challenge Australia” a proper chance to find an audience, with… mixed results.

This year, it’s time for us to return to what’s tried and true in “The Bachelors Australia” but this time, it’s with a twist. Aside from the fact that there are three bachelors this year, the show shifted production from Sydney, moved to the Gold Coast, and left all the candles and fairy lights behind.

One of the Bachelors looking for love this year is Jed McIntosh, a 25-year-old musician who is ready to dive headfirst into a loving relationship.

What Is Jed McIntosh’s Band Called?

Jed McIntosh is the drummer in his band Mood Monroe. When he’s not busy with his own band, Jed also works as a session drummer for rappers and rockstars alike, with Lenny Kravitz being just one of the names he’s worked with.

You can see Jed in the Mood Monroe music video for the band’s song “Fall” below:

What Are Jed McIntosh’s Hobbies and Interests?

Jed McIntosh is a creative person by nature and his hobbies and interests have merged with his career as a drummer to give him the perfect outlet for all his emotions.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, Jed’s super into the punk scene and is happy it’s having a resurgence. Even if it wasn’t though, he’d still be rocking the tatts, nail polish, and eyeliner — Jed’s not afraid to stand out in a crowd if it means feeling like he’s expressing himself as he wants to be seen!

Originally though, Jed grew up in the country and he loves to get outdoors for a hike or to go dirt-bike riding. He also has a strong faith in God and turns to his faith when he needs guidance or to feel grounded.

What Is Jed McIntosh Looking for In a Partner?

Jed’s hoping to find a partner who loves to seize the day and live in the moment but confidence is key. In the past, Jed’s career has caused issues in his relationships, with past girlfriends becoming insecure with the attention he gets from other women.

As he put it in a press statement: “Sometimes the reason people fall in love with you in the first place ends up being the very reason they don’t like you.”

Whether Jed will find the love of his life is yet to be seen, but we definitely have high hopes.

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