Jill Biden Proves the Mask Is an Essential Part of the Outfit at the Final Debate


Dr. Jill Biden arrived at the final presidential debate in a floral Dolce & Gabbana sheath dress with a custom face mask to match. That shows us all that she took extra effort to make a covering – which assists in preventing the spread of COVID-19, as her husband Joe would mention on stage – an essential accessory.

At the previous debate, Jill wore a sustainable Gabriela Hearst dress that sent out a message about climate change, being that Hearst takes careful attention to materials used during her design process. Both the evidence that our environment is suffering and that mandating face masks across the country could have prevented tens of thousands of deaths are scientific facts. We’re not at all surprised that both of Dr. Biden’s debate outfits drew attention to that, because the Biden campaign trusts in science.

But from a fashion perspective, Jill doesn’t shy away from making a statement, having worn Stuart Weitzman’s “VOTE” boots to the Delaware polls (model Karlie Kloss and actress Mandy Moore also have a pair). So we’re sure that this outfit was also carefully considered by her team of stylists. Even when disembarking from the plane ahead of the debate at Nashville International Airport, Jill wore a “VOTE” mask, showing us that we can get to know her and her values through her accessories.

Dr. Biden’s Dolce & Gabbana number retails for $2,195, though her mask comes courtesy of the brand, which we’re hoping sends a message about where the Italian fashion house stands when it comes to participating in US politics and supporting the Biden campaign. Scroll down to see Dr. Biden’s looks, which got lots of buzz on Twitter during the debate, and zoom in on the rest of her outfit accoutrements: a pair of taupe pumps with a bow and an impressive stack of bracelets.

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