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Jimmy Fallon and Jessica Biel Laugh Through a Hilarious Skit

Jimmy Fallon and Jessica Biel Could NOT Keep It Together in This '90s Commercial Spoof

Looking for a fun abdominal workout today? Jimmy Fallon can help with that. The late-night host teamed up with Jessica Biel and Billy Crudup to spoof a '90s-inspired car dealership commercial during his talk show on Tuesday, and the entire skit will have you doubling over with laughter. The trio didn't rehearse their lines before launching into the funny sketch, so they were reading the cue cards for the first time while filming — and it certainly showed. Jessica and Jimmy, in particular, could hardly stay in character while reciting ridiculous lines like, "If you don't buy a car from me, my wife will leave me for a karate instructor," all while dressed in equally ridiculous costumes. Watch the JJB Autos employees giggle their way through the commercial parody above for your daily dose of LOLs. More of these skits in the future, please.

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