42 Jonas Brothers Lyrics For The Tour-Inspired Instagram Captions

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The Jonas Brothers‘s 2023 tour, aptly titled The Tour, is one of the hottest shows this summer. During every concert, the band is revisiting almost their entire discography by performing each song off their latest album, “The Album,” as well as their previous four records: “Jonas Brothers,” “A Little Bit Longer,” “Lines, Vines and Trying Times,” and “Happiness Begins.” The setlist, which is made up of close to 70 songs, also includes tracks from their solo projects, including DNCE’s “Cake by the Ocean” and Nick Jonas‘s “Jealous.”

Since this is the most ambitious tour the Jonas Brothers have ever done, long-time fans of the group definitely won’t want to miss seeing Nick, Kevin, and Joe Jonas when they come to their city. If you have tickets to see the trio, remember to snap plenty of concert photos because The Tour is set out to be a once-in-a-lifetime event.

Below, you’ll find some of the Jonas Brothers’ best lyrics for Instagram captions once you’re ready to share your favorite memories online with your followers.

“It’s About Time” Album Lyrics For The Jonas Brothers’ The Tour Instagram Captions

  • “Time for me to fly. Time for me to soar.” – “Time for Me to Fly”
  • “Everything I do, it brings me back to you.” – “One Day at a Time”
  • “I’ll never change my ways, it’s not a phase.” – “I Am What I Am”
  • “I am what I am, what can I say?” – “I Am What I Am”
  • “Watch out for that girl. One day she may change the world.” – “Underdog”
  • “Dreaming ’bout you makes me feel alright.” – “7:05”
  • “I can’t stop the rain from falling. Can’t stop my heart from calling you.” – “Please Be Mine”

“Jonas Brothers” Album Lyrics For The Jonas Brothers’ The Tour Instagram Captions

  • “There’s more to life than just to live.” – “Hold On”
  • “Don’t give up on love, have faith, restart.” – “Hold On”
  • “Hold on tight, it’s a rollercoaster ride we’re on.” – “Goodnight and Goodbye”
  • “Where would we be, if we couldn’t dream?” – “That’s Just the Way We Roll”
  • “Tonight, I’m gonna fly.” – “Hello Beautiful”
  • “Your smile still makes my heart sing.” – “Still in Love With You”
  • “You’re the light that makes my darkness disappear.” – “When You Look Me in the Eyes”

“A Little Bit Longer” Album Lyrics For The Jonas Brothers’ The Tour Instagram Captions

  • “We’ll be happy as can be.” – “BB Good”
  • “Baby, who turned the temperature hotter? ‘Cause I’m burnin’ up.” – “Burnin’ Up”
  • “High heels. Red dress. All by yourself. Gotta catch my breath.” – “Burnin’ Up”
  • “I never thought that I’d catch this lovebug again.” – “Lovebug”
  • “All I wanna know is do you wanna get away?” – “Got Me Going Crazy”
  • “I don’t know what to do ’cause I’m so in love with you.” – “Got Me Going Crazy”
  • “Every time you smile, you laugh, you glow.” – “A Little Bit Longer”

“Lines, Vines and Trying Times” Album Lyrics For The Jonas Brothers’ The Tour Instagram Captions

  • “I try to live without regrets.” – “Paranoid”
  • “We could light up the sky tonight.” – “Fly With Me”
  • “Please don’t ask me to go.” – “Hey Baby”
  • “With every strike of lightning comes a memory that lasts.” – “Before the Storm”
  • “It’s all a flash, but who would know how this story would unfold?” – “Don’t Charge Me for the Crime”
  • “Living life, life in the fast lane.” – “Keep It Real”
  • “Hold on tight, don’t you dare let go.” – “Keep It Real”

“Happiness Begins” Album Lyrics For The Jonas Brothers’ The Tour Instagram Captions

  • “I’m a sucker for you. Say the word and I’ll go anywhere blindly.” – “Sucker”
  • “Is it me, or am I just havin’ a good year?” – “Cool”
  • “When I grow up, I wanna be just like me.” – “Cool”
  • “I don’t want this night to end.” – “Only Human”
  • “Let’s find a place where happiness begins.” – “Only Human”
  • “Time stands still and it’s only us.” – “Strangers”
  • “We threw our hands up, palms out to the skies.” “Rollercoaster”

“The Album” Lyrics For The Jonas Brothers’ The Tour Instagram Captions

  • “Seen the world, you’re still the one I want to go.” – “Montana Sky”
  • “Love’s hard so love harder.” – “Americana”
  • “Tonight we party like Vegas.” – “Celebrate!”
  • “We made it through all of the years and all of the tears.” “Celebrate!”
  • “It’s a holiday long as you rock with me.” – “Vacation Eyes”
  • “Skyline baby blue, still catching feelings for you.” – “Summer Baby”
  • “Too much tequila, now we’re dancing in the lobby.” – “Summer Baby”
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