“Made Me Look Like a Psycho” — Evicted Housemate Josh Slams Big Brother For His Bad Edit

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The first housemate to face eviction on Big Brother Royalty vs New Contenders was Josh, a walking red flag who professed his love for another housemate in the very first episode.

It hasn’t even been a week since he was sent packing, but the ex-model has come swinging at the show, saying that “the edit” was not a true representation of what went down between him and Sam Manovski.

“They made me look like a psychopath on Big Brother,” he said on his Instagram stories on Wednesday, the day after his elimination. “Not wrong, I mean, so what? I got multiple personalities. But you know it’s a rigged show when all of us get voted off on the same night.”

Wait, what? Everyone evicted all at once

“I think the thing I am truly annoyed about is the edit though. It stitched it together as if Sam and I were a one-off Tinder date, which we weren’t. She says in the episode before, we were on again and off again for six years.”

But his rant didn’t end there. Josh went on to drop a bombshell about Sam and just how she came to be on Big Brother Royalty vs New Contenders

“I wasn’t going to tell anyone,” Josh said. “But f*ck it — they made me look like a psycho.”

“I hustled Big Brother to put Sam on the show,” he claimed. “They said ‘what can we do to get you on the show?’… I said ‘put Sam on the show so we can hang out’.”

“I bounced the idea off Sam, she said ‘brilliant’… then I’m like ‘cool, let’s pretend we don’t know each other and go make some hell of TV’.”

“I didn’t realise I was going to be used as a doormat, a f*cking stepping stone.”

The latest season is already turning out to be an explosive one, and we can’t wait to see what comes next.

Big Brother Royalty vs New Contenders airs at 7pm on Channel 7 and 7Plus.

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