Meet Josh, an Outdoors Enthusiast Ready for Love on Big Brother

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Stepping into the “Big Brother” house is Josh, a genuine Aussie bloke with a passion for the outdoors, fitness, and a diet that certainly raises a few eyebrows. Picture sardines and lamb hearts on the menu, and you’ve got Josh’s unique culinary preferences.

But there’s more to Josh than meets the eye. He’s the kind of guy who thrives on adventure and isn’t afraid to dive headfirst into new experiences. Plus, he’s got a soft spot for women who share his confidence and can dish out some good banter. A bit of a tomboy with a hearty sense of humour? That’s his ideal match.

When it comes to friendship, Josh is the very definition of loyalty and integrity. However, within the walls of the “Big Brother” house, his agenda takes a romantic turn. After a fair share of singledom, he’s got his sights set on finding a special someone.

Facts About Josh

  • He’s on the lookout for a woman who radiates warmth and makes everyone feel important. Loyalty, a laid-back attitude, an active lifestyle, a love for food, and a shared passion for globetrotting are the qualities that captivate him.
  • At just 16 years old, Josh lost 30 kilograms in just six months. This transformation was his gateway to newfound confidence.
  • Josh takes immense pride in his formidable physical strength and an unwavering dedication to his work.
  • He is more than open to the idea of kindling a romantic connection within the house.

With his infectious enthusiasm, love for adventure, and a heart eager to find love, Josh is all set to infuse the “Big Brother” house with vibrant energy and authentic connections.

“Big Brother Australia” premieres Monday, 6 November at 7.30pm on Channel 7 and 7plus.

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