Josh Calls Out “Gutless” Co-Stars After Being Voted Off “The Summit” 2023

josh voted off the summit

In an unexpected twist on Nine’s thrilling new show, Josh was voted offThe Summit” 2023. After his fellow Trekkers sent him home, Josh didn’t hold back in expressing his disappointment and frustration towards his co-stars. He opened up about feeling “blindsided,” questioned the integrity of his former allies, and shared his reflections on his journey.

“I’ve just been voted out and I feel blindsided. I was not expecting to be leaving quite so soon,” he told 9Entertainment.

The next Trekker voted off “The Summit” appeared to be Jans. But it was Josh’s performance during the vertical climb that swiftly turned him into a prime target for his teammates.

During the elimination, a bombshell dropped as Isaac revealed that he held a grudge against Josh for considering abandoning him in a previous challenge. This revelation sealed Josh’s fate, making it clear that his time on “The Summit” was coming to an abrupt end.

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A “Gutless” Decision

The outcome left Josh stunned, as he believed that some of his teammates merely followed Isaac and Jans’ lead. Frustration filled his words as he labelled the decision to eliminate him as “gutless.”

“I was an easy target because Isaac who’d been clearly seen as an ally of mine nominated me and I basically think it was a momentum of free fall,” he said.

“It was a slightly gutless decision and everybody just went ‘Yep, let’s get rid of him and buy another day on the mountain.”

Reflecting on his journey, Josh acknowledged his tenacity and resourcefulness in pushing through the challenges. However, he admitted to having made slight adjustments to his strategy if he had the chance to redo things.

“If I had my time again, I would make slight adjustments to my strategy and would advise myself to not trust anyone,” Josh admitted.

The competition is ramping up as we edge closer to “The Summit” finale! We can’t wait to see which Trekkers come out on top.

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