“I Choose Love”: Joshua Bassett Addresses His Sexuality In Heartfelt Post

Joshua Bassett

Singer and High School Musical: The Musical: The Series star, Joshua Bassett, has responded to fans following an interview where he seemingly “came out”.

In an interview with Clevver News, the 20-year-old spoke about his admiration of Harry Styles saying, “He’s very well-rounded. He’s just cool… Who doesn’t think Harry Styles is cool? Also, he’s hot, you know?”

“He’s very charming, too. Lots of things,” he added before saying, “I guess this is also my coming out video.”

Following the interview, the multi-talented star then took to Instagram and thanked his fans “who stand for love and acceptance.” He also revealed what it was like to have people constantly speculating about his sexuality.

“My entire life people have told me my sexuality,” he captioned a video of him singing. “People have shamed me for things they know nothing about.”

“I want to say thank you to those of you who stand for love and acceptance. Toxicity, hatred, and negativity say less about the subject, but say far more about those who spew it.”

He continued: “It’s 2021. We are the generation of love & growth, it’s time we start acting like it. Whether you love me, hate me, or damn me to hell, I love you all the same. Love who you love shamelessly. It’s ok to still be figuring out who you are. Life’s too short to let ignorance and hatred win. I choose love.❤️🧡💛💚💙💜”

During an interview with POPSUGAR Australia — which took place in April — Bassett said that he considers the cast of the Disney TV show his “family” and turns to them for support.

“Everyone on set is just super supportive of each other, and really wants the other people to succeed and wishes the best for everybody,” he said. “So it’s kind of a beautiful thing, where we’re all doing this together, and then everyone else kind of has their own things that they’re working on.”

In fact, during the height of the pandemic, the cast turned to one another to “cope”.

“There were lots of phone calls, lots of therapy and entertainment here and there. We just were there for each other and took care of each other when we needed it. We would have weekly Zoom calls just to like check in with each other and just check in to make sure everyone’s doing all right and still loving life.”

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