The “Jury Duty” Cast Shares the Absurd Moments That Made Them Break Character on Set

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It’s damn near impossible to scroll through TikTok without encountering at least one video about Amazon Freevee’s “Jury Duty” – even weeks after its streaming premiere. The comedy series follows a group of Los Angeles jurors sequestered together for a three-week trial. The twist? It’s about a completely fake case. Everyone in the courtroom is an actor, aside from unsuspecting participant Ronald Gladden, who believes he’s filming a documentary about a real trial.

Over the course of eight episodes, hidden cameras capture various laugh-out-loud-funny hijinks orchestrated and improvised by the talented cast, from James Marsden planting a very convincing fake turd to one juror showing up to court in “chair pants.” And those examples are just the tip of the iceberg.

“Jury Duty” has become a viral sensation since its debut last month, captivating viewers with wholesome charm and “The Office”-style humor. Fans particularly can’t get enough of Gladden, who somehow remains cool as a cucumber despite the many curveballs his fellow jurors throw at him before finally revealing their true identities in the last episode.

Following the finale’s release on April 21, we caught up with five cast members – Cassandra Blair, Rashida “Sheedz” Olayiwola, David Brown, Maria Russell, and Ishmel Sahid – to ask our burning questions about starring on the show. Ahead, they each spill the beans on breaking character while filming, their all-time favorite moments from set, and more.

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