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Karl Stefanovic's Instagram Talk Show

Karl Stefanovic's New Instagram Talk Show Is the Iso Content You Didn't Know You Needed

Karl Stefanovic unveiled his Instagram talk show, The Weekly Tonight Show With Karlos, on Friday, and it definitely showed us a more casual side to the notoriously loose presenter.

Karl explained in his Instagram caption: "This week was a shit week for a lot of people including my mate so he got on with it and produced this." The mate Karl referred to was Michael Tramonte, aka Monte from Aussie rock band The Delta Riggs, who promised to make Karl the "best tonight show in the history of the world": "It may not be the best show in the history of the world," Karl admitted. "But it's a show for you, at home on a Friday night."

The voice of Richard Wilkins introduced the show, with Karl appearing "live from his rented mansion overlooking Sydney's magnificent harbour, wearing a suit he's probably been wearing for at least two years".

That joke about wearing the "same suit" comes from Karl revealing in 2014 that he wore the same blue suit every day on Today for an entire year, as a way to highlight the way his then co-host, Lisa Wilkinson, was critiqued for what she wore on the show, and he wasn't. "Women are judged much more harshly and keenly for what they do, what they say and what they wear," Karl told The Age at the time.

From Richard's introduction, Karl invited people to share in his usual Friday night, sitting on his rooftop, sinking a beer, in board shorts. The segments, punctuated by a laugh track, included his mum, Jenny, not knowing how to use FaceTime, and Karl's Klassifieds, where he invited local businesses to share their homemade ads for the show. You can send them to his Facebook page here.

There were pre-recorded crosses to Melbourne bar owner James Young, giving us the update on sport: "Absolutely nothing going on", and a real high point with radio host and the show's music critic Ryan "Fitzy" Fitzgerald pursuing his dream of becoming the next Molly Meldrum. He praised local rock bands The Chats and Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever, before introducing Pitbull's new single "I Believe That We Will Win".

"We are looking for musicians to inspire us . . .," he said, before reviewing the song as "sh*t". See, this is on Instagram, so these radio and TV hosts can swear, and also insinuate repeatedly how much they drink together.

Having already ushered his dog, Chance the Yapper, away from the edge of the rooftop, Karl closed out the show by thanking medical professionals working through the crisis, and a casual, "Up yours, COVID." In the credits, we were informed that the concept was "brought to you by the boredom of isolation" and reassured, "Hold tight we've got this."

With COVID-19 holding up our reality TV binges, we sure love to see celebrities try to entertain us on a budget. Keen to see who he recruits to help out next week.

Image Source: Getty / Scott Ehler
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