A World Champion and Wellness Coach — What We Know About Big Brother’s Katie Williams

Instagram @katiewilliams

Big Brother’s Katie Williams will probably become the most recognised housemate in the house.

This “hype girl” is a 27-year-old influential trainer and podcaster and just really likes to make people feel good about themselves.

Katie has a competitive streak. She’s an ex-beach sprinter who became a world champion when she was 19 years old. She’s now turned that passion for health, wellness and self-development into a career and is keen to ensure that everyone is #livingtheirbestlife!

Katie is an empath who wants to be real, make real connections and have fun but being one of the bigger personalities in the house, she’s sure to ruffle a few feathers.

She’s also a huge nature-lover, so while she will love the experience of the Big Brother house, Katie will miss running and music, however, is keen to not have her phone attached to her hand.

If she were to win, Katie would give back where it counts and give money to her parents who sacrificed a lot to support her dreams. She’ll also invest in her own education so that she can support others as her coaches and mentors did with her.

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