Big Brother’s Katie Has “No Interest” In Speaking to Daniel Again

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It has been the biggest rivalry in Big Brother Australia history and now, housemate Daniel Hayes has been victorious over Katie Williams.

Evicting the 27-year-old from the house was the realtor’s main strategy ever since she, Jess Trend and Marley Biyendolo picked off Danny’s only allies — Nick Benton and Mel McGorman.

It was an enormous feat and one that Katie has not forgotten since, even after filming wrapped.

“I don’t talk to Daniel and I don’t really have much interest in having a relationship with Daniel in any way,” Katie told POPSUGAR Australia in an interview after her eviction.

“Of course he went against his word, that’s what he did the whole way throughout the game. That was his gameplay. I made massive moved in the game, I took out his alliance and then he got me. I am genuinely not bitter about it. ‘You wanted me out? Well done. You wanted me out? You go what you wanted.'”

From day one, Daniel and Katie went head-to-head, something Katie says is because they were “both very strategic and competitive”.

“It naturally fell that way that people gravitated towards me and people gravitated towards him,” she said before later adding, “but people soon learned that Daniel would just say and do anything to stay in the game.”

From the outside, it looked like the influential trainer asserted power in the house, however, Katie didn’t see it that way.

“I just think I made great connections in the house. I sat down and got to know people. What you’re not seeing is us dancing, smiling and hugging each other, having great fun, playing games and connecting to one another and me being loyal to my alliance.”

In fact, this was the only “content that was being cut from television”. According to Katie, there was a clear reason why the divide between the four main players.

“On the day Jess was nominated, they showed her crying and made it out like it was because she had been nominated for eviction but she was crying about an argument that happened in the house that didn’t make the cut,” she revealed, before adding: “It was actually because of a big fight between Nick, Danny, myself and Jess. It actually happened the day before, they just sliced it together.”

Now that Katie has been evicted from the show she says that Daniel is by far the most influential housemate left.

“He’s able to manipulate everyone’s vote and able to get into people’s heads and plant seeds.”

Big Brother airs Monday to Wednesday 7:30pm on Channel 7 and 7Plus.

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