This Valentine’s Day, Keira Maguire Wants You to Feel the (Self) Love

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This Valentine’s Day, reality TV star turned entrepreneur Keira Maguire wants you to indulge in some self-love and some serious self-care. 

The former Bachelor star is launching her own beauty brand, SKYN Collective, designed to help women around the country look and feel their best, while also doing what’s best for the environment. 

“Doing what I do, I have over the years, spent a lot of time in clinics. And you know, I’ve had to have a lot of treatments,” Keira told POPSUGAR Australia. “I have found myself in this space of not only using skincare, but obviously promoting it for my socials. And I do find that a lot of people come to me for advice. So over the years, I’ve gotten so many people messaging me saying, ‘I don’t have a sister or mum who I can talk to or ask’. So pretty much that’s what I’ve unintentionally become.” 

Spying a gap in the market in terms of skincare tools that not only produced results but offered valuable information around them too, Keira decided to take matters into her own hands and get to work reimagining products that her 155k followers would love.

“It’s not so much about creating products, it’s recreating products and making them my own and giving my followers a space to learn about how and why they work. I really want to offer knowledge around them,” Keira said of her line, the first of which will be available March 1. 

One tool in particular that Keira can’t wait to share is the Gua Sha heart shaped beauty tool that assists with lymphatic drainage, increasing blood flow and boosting micro-circulation. The beautiful, heart-shaped stone can be used all over skin surfaces including thighs, arms and jawline with the ancient art of Gua Sha helping skin to appear more toned, firm and lifted.

“I’m not doing skincare because that’s not my space, I’m going to leave that to other people. These are just the tools that work for me and I want to share them,” Keira said of her decision to debut the Gua Sha heart first. “I’m going to start to branch out into other things that I use, which are all relevant to skin. And all about prevention of wrinkles and anti-aging, but all about self-love.”

Collaborating with legendary Australian vegan-friendly beauty brand Bangn Body, Keira’s Gua Sha tool is available in a limited edition gift set with Bangn Body’s award-winning yellow tube of goodness, as a special “Galentine’s Day” promotion, designed to celebrate the love we have for our girlfriends, and ourselves. 

Speaking to the influencer, it’s clear she is passionate not only about sharing her secrets to great skin and inspiring self-love, but doing so in a sustainable way.

“I just get so many packages, and it actually makes me feel sick with how much plastic comes through my door,” Keira said. “So it’s something I’m very mindful of. My postage packaging is biodegradable, a lot of my products, for example, are going to be natural stones or 100% recycled aluminium. I’m doing biodegradable, as much as I can. Once you start to develop a product, you really start to think of all these things.” 

When it comes to protecting herself from the relentless pressure of being constantly in the public eye, Keira revealed that she has an interesting shield. 

“I feel like an Instagram filter protects my energy. I know that sounds really weird. But I feel like because I do give people so much access to myself, there needs to be some sort of filter to protect myself,”  Keira said. “When you’re in this kind of industry, you do have a lot of people talking about you so you need some form of protection. And I feel like using a filter for me is just that, so when I don’t use it, I feel way too vulnerable.” 

The businesswoman also wants to offer her customers a type of protection with her line of tools, in the form of crystals. 

“The first three products all contain rose quartz, I can tell you that much, Keira said. “It’s the stone of unconditional love, which is really important.” 

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