“I Was Scared”: Khanh Ong Shares the Most Shocking Moments from “I’m A Celebrity”

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As the latest celebrity to leave the jungle camp, Khanh Ong leaves behind a trail of memories and profound reflections from his time on “I’m A Celebrity“. You probably know him from “MasterChef Australia” and “Australian Survivor“. Well, his journey through the South African wilderness was a whirlwind of emotions, challenges, and unexpected revelations.

Reflecting on his time in the jungle, Khanh shared some of the most shocking moments that defined his “I’m A Celebrity” experience. Speaking to POPSUGAR Australia over the phone, the chef opened up about why he decided to go on the show and how his overall experience was.

“I have always said that I will give things a go. My parents came to Australia to give me opportunities, right? So if I get given an opportunity to do something crazy, I’m probably gonna do it,” he explained.

“And so that’s the reason that I said yes to ‘I’m A Celeb’, and it was everything that I thought it was gonna be like, it was super hard. I was scared for most of my time here. But I also had the most fun.”

Khanh was born in an Indonesian refugee camp to Vietnamese parents and raised in Melbourne’s southeast. His story is one of resilience and triumph over adversity, and his journey resonates with many.

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What Khanh Struggled With on “I’m A Celebrity” Compared to “Australian Survivor”

Khanh has won over audiences worldwide through his memorable journey on “MasterChef Australia” seasons 10 and 12, and “Australian Survivor: Blood Vs Water” in 2022. Taking cues from his stints on those shows, the chef shared his thoughts on how jungle life compared to his previous reality TV adventures.

“The biggest difference for me, though, is that on ‘I’m A Celeb’, you’ve got a lot more downtime,” he revealed.

“You have time where you’re just hanging out with people in camp and you’re not scared that people are going to backstab you or send you home. So, it actually makes you miss home more because you have more time to think about home… you don’t have to scheme, so you just have all this downtime to be like, ‘I miss my family’.” 

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As for “MasterChef”, Khanh found comfort in the jungle when he was in the kitchen cooking for his campmates each night.

“I just took it as like another ‘Masterchef’ challenge, like a mystery box, where I got the ingredients and it’s like making as much flavour as you can with like, six things,” he recalled.

“… It meant that I could get a little bit creative, put things in coals or cook multiple things in different ways to just bring out as much flavour as possible. The kitchen, for me, is like my comfort place, where I feel the safest. So I was just happy to be able to cook every night.”

Which Celebs Shocked Him Most in the Jungle

In a jungle filled with celebs, it was the unexpected ones who really caught Khanh off guard. Mega influencer Skye Wheatley and athlete Candice Warner were standouts, completely defying stereotypes.

“They just underestimate her,” Khanh said of Skye, while expressing admiration for Candice’s surprising softness. And let’s not forget Khanh’s total fangirl moment meeting fitness guru Michelle Bridges.

“When I saw her, I was trying to keep it cool but I was like, ‘Oh Michelle Bridges is here, I used to watch you’. So she was so cool and we got along really well. I love her to pieces,” he gushed.

As Khanh waves goodbye to the jungle, he leaves behind a legacy of adventure, kindness, and culinary expertise. His journey on “I’m A Celebrity” wasn’t just about fear. No, it was about facing challenges, making friends, and discovering himself in unexpected ways.

“I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here!” airs Sunday at 7.00pm and Monday — Thursday at 7.30pm on Channel 10 and 10 Play.

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