Kim Kardashian Tried to Help Khloé “Get Her Mojo Back” by Setting Her Up With Michele Morrone

Khloé Kardashian and Michele Morrone at Milan Fashion Week
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The internet collectively seemed to be manifesting a new relationship for Khloé Kardashian after she was seen cozying up to “365 Days” star Michele Morrone at Milan Fashion Week in 2022 – and it turns out that her sister Kim was also rooting for them. In a June 15 episode of “The Kardashians” season two, Kim shared that she had intended to set Khloé up with Morrone. “I am such a setter-upper, and my plan for Khloé is to get her mojo back in Milan,” she told the cameras.

Later in the episode, Kim revealed that designer Domenico Dolce was actually responsible for seating the two together. “At lunch, Domenico goes, ‘Oh my god, you’re never gonna guess who I invited to sit next to Khloé: the actor Michele Morrone,'” Kim told some friends. “. . .He’s like, the hottest guy,” she added. “Let’s fully set this up so Khloé falls in love in Milan . . . but she has no idea.”

Khloé herself also sounded somewhat open to the idea. “I didn’t know I lost my mojo but I guess Kim definitely thinks I did, so we need to find that motherf*cker somewhere,” she said.

Unfortunately, Kim’s efforts to set the pair up weren’t successful, though the pair’s run-in at the fashion show did spark plenty of rumors. In a photo shared on Morrone’s Instagram Story on Sept. 24, 2022, he was pictured with his arm wrapped around Khloé backstage at a show and, of course, it set social media ablaze.

“Michele thought Khloe was very nice. That’s the extent of the story.”

Reps for Khloé did not respond to POPSUGAR’s request for comment at the time, but a rep for Morrone told POPSUGAR, “They were both at the [Dolce and Gabbana] show. D&G asked them to take a photo together. Michele thought Khloé was very nice. That’s the extent of the story.” Another source told People that “The Kardashians” star had “never met [Morrone] before” this weekend. “She just met him in Milan that night,” the insider added. “They are not dating. She has no plans to see him again.”

Khloé attended the fashion event to support Kim’s debut collection with Dolce & Gabbana, and of course sat next to Morrone at the show. And that was all it took for the internet to declare Klhoé and Morrone the next big Kardashian couple. One Twitter user tweeted, “Khloe Kardashian and Michele Morrone (Massimo) is a duo I never knew I needed.” Another fan added, “you don’t understand after i’ve seen that picture i NEED khloe kardashian and michele morrone together.”

The overwhelming sentiment on Twitter at the time was that it’s time for Khloé to finally find someone who will remain committed to her. Though it seems Morrone is not that person, that’s not stopping fans from rooting for the duo. “Umm I need michele to be with khloe like this MUST happen i’ll never let it go,” another passionate Twitter user wrote.

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Both Khloé and Morrone appear to be single at the moment, although the Good American founder previously suggested that she’s focusing her energy on her children: True, 5, and her new baby boy, Tatum, both of whom she shares with ex Tristan Thompson. In June 2022, the reality star commented on an Instagram post speculating that she was dating again with, “Definitely NOT True !!! I love you! Thank you for the nice wishes but I am not seeing a soul. I am happy focusing on my daughter and myself for awhile.”

In February, she echoed the sentiment on Twitter. “Who has time for a man lol I have a 6 month old baby, and True and I are sickly codependent on one another,” she said. “Ha! I secretly love it.” She did note that she’s still open to romance. “No but for real . . . No man right now . . . He’s in my prayers too ha! ??” she added.

As for Morrone, he told People in June 2022 that he’s “absolutely single” and later revealed himself to be a romantic at heart during an August 2022 interview with Decider. While talking about his Netflix movie, “The Next 365 Days,” Morrone explained why he thinks it’s time to get back to old-fashioned, pre-internet-era romance.

“In these days, it’s incredibly difficult to find real love because everyday we’re bombed by social media, this weird app, to find each other,” he said. “And they found each other without an app. They found each other without social media. Their love exploded in such a deep way that it’s very difficult to find in these days. If you think about poets in the 1890s, they used to write about love and it was deep. They used to feel love much more than now.”

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