Why We Never Saw Kendall’s Boyfriends on KUWTK, and Other Juicy Behind the Scenes Secrets

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After 14 years, 20 seasons and countless spin-offs, Keeping Up With the Kardashians is finally coming to an end.

Speaking to Variety, executive producer Farnaz Farjam told all, from what the hardest moments to film, to why we’ve never seen Kendall Jenner’s relationships on the show.

As it turns out, Kenny’s rule was that she’d only allow the crew to film her love life after the relationship hit its one-year mark, and the only reason we never saw the model in love was becayse none of her boyfriends stood the test of time.

“It was so funny because her last boyfriend — not this one, but the one before — they almost made it to a year and I was going to make her show him, and then they broke up,” Farjam revealed. ” I was like, ‘Of course! No!’”

Anyone who’s been watching the show will know how much Kourtney Kardashian loves her kids — they’re her whole world — but Farjam told Variety that Kourtney didn’t think she’d be a good mother before she had Mason.

“She never talked about wanting kids right away. She never wanted any of it,” Farjam shared, “And then she got pregnant accidentally and Mason was born and her whole life and her whole perspective changed. She’s never loved anything more than she’s loved her kids.”

When it came to the hardest moments to film, though, Farjam said that Kourtney’s break up with Scott and Caitlyn Jenner’s transition were top of the list, as well as Lamar’s struggles with addiction.

“When Kourtney and Scott were going through their breakup and Scott was kind of spiraling, that was really really tough,” Farjam recalled, noting how hard it was to balance “trying to help” Scott while also being “mindful of Kourtney’s feelings”.

That balance was also difficult to find during Caitlyn’s transition, Farjam said.

“I would say that Caitliyn’s coming out was super tough to navigate because you’re trying to be happy for someone who is coming out and be their authentic self but also be mindful of someone who is really hurt because they felt like they were blindsided,” she said, referring to Kris.

On the other hand, the difficulty they had filming the struggles between Khloé Kardashian and ex-husband Lamar Odom came because producers didn’t want to “exploit” him and his story.

“There were signs that there were things happening and it was just hard,” she said, adding, “some things aren’t their stories to tell. Just because they’re being affected by it, it’s not their story to tell.”

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