The Plot Thickens: Leaked Texts Reveal Truth About “MAFS” 2023 Cheating Scandal

mafs 2023 cheating scandal adam claire
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It’s getting hard to keep up with the latest “Married At First Sight” cheating scandal involving Claire and Adam. It seems like every day a new plot twist is being uncovered.

The bombshell rocked the experiment, and now, the truth is finally coming to light thanks to a series of leaked WhatsApp messages and journal entries posted by The Wash.

On the show, the cheating scandal has been a shock to everyone, but the leaked texts tell a very different story. They revealed that bride Sandy was an eyewitness to Adam and Claire’s illicit kiss during a drunken party off-camera. Sandy had planned to report the incident to the show’s producers the next day, but the rest of the cast tried to cover it up instead.

Despite her initial intention to come forward about the cheating incident, Sandy had a change of heart after exchanging text messages with Adam late at night.

“I’m sorry for how I made you [feel] honestly,” he wrote. “Just wanna turn back the clocks and start fresh for real.”

Sandy told Adam, “I don’t hate you”, before the groom apologised again for his actions, adding: “I’m glad you’re not holding me to that and know this experiment is getting the better of us and production clearly doing their absolute best to twist s**t and turn people on each other.

“No matter what drama we all gotta face we all be friends after this once all [is] said and done.”

The next day, when producers asked Sandy about the rumoured kiss between Adam and Claire, the bride opted to stay silent in order to protect her friend.

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mafs 2023 cheating scandal adam claire
Channel 9

Further images suggest that Sandy kept a diary and wrote in her journal about how Claire’s ‘husband’ Jesse suspected something had happened between Adam and Claire.

“After the drinks, Jesse thought she was talking to Adam on the phone,” the image reads. “I guess Jesse is more clued on than we thought. He barged into Adam and Janelle’s room and accused Adam of talking to her.”

Another leaked journal entry, alleged to be Sandy’s, revealed that she felt “awkward” watching Adam and Claire lie to the group at the commitment ceremony.

“I feel Adam’s eyes on me,” she penned. “It’s awkward. I don’t like his intentions.”

It seems like this “MAFS” scandal is getting more complicated by the day!

“Married At First Sight” continues tonight at 7.30pm on Channel 9 and 9Now.

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