The Winners of “LEGO Masters: Grand Masters” 2023 Revealed

Lego Masters 2023 winners. - scott and owen

It’s official, Scott and Owen have been crowned the winners of “LEGO Masters: Grand Masters” 2023.

“After an epic, epic season. And it was epic. There is no doubt that this was Grand Masters not LEGO Masters,” host, Hamish Blake said sentimentally before the winners announcement.

It’s been five weeks of competitive building and amazing creations but it all came down to the epic grand finale.

Joss and Henry, Scott and Owen and Alex and Caleb were the three duos to make it all the way to the end of the competition. All season, each team has brought their A-game to the competition, and their final builds were no exception. They didn’t call the season “LEGO Masters: Grand Masters” for nothing!

Fans across Australia tuned in to watch as the final three teams battled it out for the grand prize of $100,000 and the title of “Grand Masters”.


The “Lego Masters: Grand Masters” Final Challenge

Each team put up a great fight, but only one team could be crowned the winners, and in the end, it was Scott and Owen who came out on top. The duo wowed the judges with a gigantic titan inspired by all the previous winning builds.

In a matter of 28 hours, all three teams had to create a design as creative and as amazing as their minds could imagine. It was a free-for-all building challenge that needed to impress 200 people, Brickman and Hamish Blake. And if you thought the builds at last night’s Luna Park semi-final were a showstopper, these were definitely finale-worthy.

The winning duo had a moment of doubt during the finale build.

“Maybe we have gone too big,” they said after receiving feedback from judges hinting that the kids would not be able to fully see it if it was too tall.

With their attention to detail, skills and technique on full display, Brickman, Hamish Blake and their guest judges (as in, a massive crowd LEGO lovers and kids) were blown away.

The victory is sweet for Scott and Owen, who were runners up in “LEGO Masters” season three.

Lego Masters 2023 winners. - scott and owen

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While Scott and Owen may have taken home the win, the other teams put up a majestic battle right ’til the end.

Runners up Joss and Henry put up a fight with their technical storytelling build of a guardian and a traveller visiting an enchanted forest. Caleb and Alex were not walking away without playing to their character building strengths, creating a ‘King of the Jungle’ inspired lion.

Surrounded by their family and previous contestants, Scott and Owen celebrated in a shower of confetti, applause and cheers as they hoisted the “LEGO Masters” trophy up in the air.

Congratulations, Scott and Owen!

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