Are “LEGO Masters” Stars Caleb and Alex in a Relationship? We Investigate

Alex and Caleb Lego Masters Relationship
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“LEGO Masters” is well under way, and it’s set to be one of the most challenging and memorable seasons yet. Already, we’ve seen some grand builds, from the cutest Disney scenes to launchable space objects. Every team has brought their A-game for a battle of the best.

Each of the duos is made up of past contestants, returning for a shot at the title of “Grand Masters” and a cash prize of $100,000. Also returning to the franchise is Aussie entertainment fave, Hamish Blake and LEGO Certified Professional, Ryan “Brickman” McNaught.

And for the first time in “LEGO Masters” Australia history, a new LEGO leaderboard determines which team will get the Immunity brick. Brickman referred to it as a wake-up call for the contestants to take risks and outscore other competitors. The stakes have officially been raised and honestly, we’re here for the drama.

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A number of pairs this year are made up of previous winners and a few fans — us included — have wondered how they’ve been put together. Especially when they’re not competing alongside their original partners. Sadly, we don’t have the answer to this just yet but we do have the scoop on some of your favourite “LEGO Masters” contenders, Alex and Caleb.

Alex and Caleb

Alex and Caleb Lego Masters Relationship

Runners up of “LEGO Masters” 2022, Alex and Caleb return for a shot at first place. The pair are known for their oober creative takes the weekly prompts and their uniquely colourful builds. Their individual skill sets come together to make an unstoppable team.

Caleb is a university student studying law and says that LEGO is his outlet to decompress after putting himself through long hours of studying. He says his interest in mini bricks stemmed from his childhood and that his building style is technical and solution based.

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On the other hand, Alex only got into building LEGO as an adult. The self-confessed nerd loves to spend her time watching “Stars Wars” and “Harry Potter”. When she’s not teaching at TAFE or using her skills as a makeup artist, she is collecting memorabilia from her favourite movies and mini brick sets. She brings her storytelling strengths and creative flair to the duo.

Both of them love to make people laugh with their builds.

Are Alex and Caleb in a Relationship?

Over the past two seasons, there has been a lot of fan speculation about Alex and Caleb’s relationship. After “LEGO Masters” past contestant, Gene Marsh, included a spicy hashtag in an Instagram post of the Season 4 cast — #twoofusaresecretlydating — audiences ran to Reddit to ask if the pair is an item.

Alex Caleb Lego Masters Relationship
Instagram / @gene.n.tonic

And to add more fuel to the fire, Alex followed up with an even spicier hashtag under the post that read; two of us secretly wrestle in the spare bed.

The two “LEGO Masters” contenders often share a supportive and positive rapport. And although we couldn’t find a definitive answer to the question following a deep dive on their Instagrams and Reddit forums, we can say that the two do share a lovely on-screen friendship.

You can tune into “Lego Masters: Grand Masters” on Channel 9 and 9Now, every Sunday at 7pm and Mondays and Tuesdays at 7:30pm.

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