Meet Lewis, the Thrill-Seeking Carpenter Entering “Big Brother”

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Lewis embarks on a daring adventure as he steps into the heart of the “Big Brother” house, ready to embrace the unknown. The Melbourne-based carpenter is celebrated for his unquenchable enthusiasm for life. His circle of friends affectionately dubs him a “life enthusiast”, and it’s a label he wears with pride. Lewis defies stereotypes, juggling roles as a carpenter and footballer, all while adding a touch of flair by adorning his nails and cranking up the tunes of Harry Styles.

Lewis thrives on a lifestyle in perpetual motion, often engaging in outdoor work along Australia’s coast. His philosophy revolves around “working to live”, and the trusty van he calls home during his adventures is a testament to his insatiable spirit. The partner of his dreams? Someone who shares his thrill for adventure and a bold, seize-the-day attitude.

At the age of 21, Lewis experienced heartbreak, a pivotal moment that transformed his perspective on relationships. Since then, he’s embraced the single life, residing in a share house behind a pub and cherishing the freedom to chart his own course. Yet, Lewis is no stranger to matters of the heart and readily admits his deep affinity for love. As he enters the “Big Brother” house, he keeps his heart open to the possibility of kindling a romantic spark.

Facts About Lewis

  • Lewis’s typical day includes a stint at work, a gym session, and indulging in his beloved pastime — riding the waves until the sun dips below the horizon.
  • Lewis nurtures a dream of becoming a “cloud watcher”.
  • A basketball ring and ball are constants in Lewis’s life.
  • Within the house’s walls, Lewis is open to the prospects of romance.

“Big Brother Australia” premieres Monday, 6 November at 7.30pm on Channel 7 and 7plus.

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