The Bachelor’s Locky and Irena Reflect on Pregnancy Loss: “He Was My Absolute Rock”

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Trigger warning: this post contains references to infant loss that some may find distressing. Please read with caution and exercise self-care.

The Bachelor 2020 winner Irena Srbinovska has come forward to reveal some devastating news.

Not long after the finale aired last year, the 31-year-old suffered a tragic miscarriage, saying the bullying she faced online after appearing on the show made the loss even harder to deal with.

The nurse, along with boyfriend and former Bachelor Locky Gilbert, sat down with Who! Magazine and spoke candidly about their experience.

Irena’s life at the time was in turmoil, as her father, Vasco, was dealing with a medical emergency.

Irena, who made the move from Melbourne to join Locky in Perth, couldn’t be by his side due to the pandemic.

The stressful situation had an enormous consequence.

“During our first few months together I, unfortunately, suffered a miscarriage,” said Irena.

“But Locky was my absolute rock and having his support made me love him even more.”

Protective of his girlfriend, Locky sent a firm message to those who choose to send vile messages.

“We are just normal people and while we put ourselves in the spotlight, you never know what is going on in our lives that day,” he said.

“If you have to say something, then direct it at me, not my girl.”

Irena also issued some sound advice to the current contestants of The Bachelor.

“Just remain true to yourself. It doesn’t matter what people say behind your back or to your face, if you’re there for the right reasons, it shows and it will work out.”

If you or someone you know needs support around infant loss, please visit The Pink Elephants Support Network to discover resources and services that can help.

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