Locky Gilbert Gets Ripped to Shreds on SAS Australia After Feud With Pauly Fenech

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He’s best known for his stint on The Bachelor and Australian Survivor, but now, Locky Gilbert is taking a crack at reality TV for the third time on SAS Australia, and it’s not looking too good. 

Not only is he butting heads with comedian Pauly Fenech, but his overall demeanour isn’t exactly winning over viewers. On the latest episode, the WA local admitted to being “locked up a few f**king heap of times”. When fellow recruit Anna Heinrich asked whether he’d ever been “convicted of anything”, the TV personality said he was “pretty sure” he had a “suspended conviction for trespassing for a base jump”.

Gilbert was charged in 2017 after taking part in a BASE jump from a tower in Perth CBD. What followed was an appearance before the Perth Magistrate’s Court in August 2017 where he was slapped with a $300 fine plus a further $190 in court costs.

But his criminal confession was only one of the things people couldn’t stop discussing, as Gilbert found himself in a war of words once again with Fenech. 

The show, which sees 17 celebrities attempt to complete a gruelling course, is about teamwork — something Gilbert and Fenech were definitely not displaying.

Throughout the entire episode, the two bickered and couldn’t agree on anything when required to climb to the top of a waterfall.

“It was a cluster f*** of communication” chief instructor Ant Middleton fumed. But things went even sourer when Pauly decided to pull Gilbert aside for a chat, to clear up any “bad blood between” them.

“You’re bullying me mate, I’ve apologised to you five times,” Pauly said.

“No I don’t accept your apology,” Gilbert responded.

After further discussion, the pair agreed to move forward and shook on it. But when Locky returned to the rest of the recruits, he went back on his word, telling them: “F****** useless. I just can’t be f***** putting up with that s***. I hate being called a bully.”

After countless back and forth, Ant decided it was time to bring Gilbert in for an interrogation.

“Who the f*** do you think you are,” he began.

“I was f****** shaking today, and I was that close to just f****** taking your number off you.

“Pauly, I’m surprised he hasn’t pulled you aside and said ‘come on mate, what’s going on’.”

Gilbert then revealed that Pauly did have a private conversation with him. 

“He grabbed you? Exactly! Well, that’s f****** good of him. You need to acknowledge right now that you’ve actually learned something from [Pauly],” Ant said.

The DS then said that Gilbert is treating the course as if it’s a reality TV space instead of a military space, and he’s trying his best to be perceived as a “hero”.

“You think you’re better than everyone else, you think you’re stronger than everyone else, you’re a f****** bully.

“If you want to play the hero, go and serve your f****** country, do not play being a hero. Because that is the biggest insult for us that you can do.”

Gilbert surprisingly agreed, admitting that he’s been acting selfish.

“I’m trying, I don’t know where it comes from, but I have to be number one.”

Ant responded, ending the conversation: “There’s a fine line between being number one and being one.”

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