Logies 2022: Read Hamish Blake’s Full Acceptance Speech for His Gold Logie Win

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It’s been Australian television’s night of nights, and this year, Hamish Blake has taken out the most prestigious award of the night, the coveted Gold Logie.

Taking to the stage, the Lego Masters host said: “What a huge honour. I know it’s very late. I will try and be brief. First Gold Logie in five years to not be decided by Tom Gleeson. That is massive,” he joked.

“All the people that come together to create Lego Masters. My beautiful wife, this is – you don’t get to stand up here unless you have amazing people behind you. You’re the most amazing of people.”

This is the comedian’s second Gold Logie. He won his first back in 2012.

Hamish was up against some stiff competition this year. Also nominated for the award was Julia Morris for I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here!, Karl Stefanovic for Today/ 60 Minutes, Melissa Leong for MasterChef Australia / Celebrity MasterChef Australia, Ray Meagher for Home And Away, Sonia Kruger for Big Brother, Holey MoleyDancing with The Stars: All StarsThe Voice Australia and The Voice Australia Generations, and Tom Gleeson for Hard Quiz.

The 2022 Logie Awards are an especially joyful occasion this year, after COVID saw the award ceremony cancelled in both 2020 and 2021.

With borders back open and restrictions lifted, the ceremony was able to go off without a hitch, back on Queensland’s Gold Coast.

“Queensland is the home of the screen industry in Australia. It’s great to have the Logies back on the Gold Coast in 2022 — our third time hosting television’s night of nights. I can’t imagine the Logies being anywhere else,” said Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk.

Hamish Blake’s Gold Logie Speech in Full

“Thank you, sit down — oh, you have. Do the music again! See if they stand up! No, thank you. What a huge honour. Look, I know it’s very very late, I will try and be brief.

“It’s the first Gold Logie in five years to not be decided by Tom Gleeson, so that is massive! What does this say? ‘Congratulations, you have won the 2022 Gold Logie — as there was no Gold Logie in 2021 or 2020, they jackpotted, and this counts for three! Oh my God! That is — plus I already won one 10 years ago, so, to win four of these is… too much. That is a huge honour. Of course, I’d like to thank Channel 9, who, in turn, would like to thank me. Four Golds!

“It’s late, and we can’t spend the whole night boring everyone at home with TV terms like ‘invaluable to the network’ — we get it, we get it! People at home don’t! I am really rapt, obviously, you can’t present something without a show to present, so everyone involved in Lego Masters, everyone that voted for it, that’s — this is so lovely for Lego Masters. Brick man, you gorgeous bastard. I know I got very emotional accepting the award [for the Bert Newton Award for Most Popular Presenter], and you know, nearly cried and stole Brick Man’s gear. I’m sorry I was going to steal your schtick, Brick Man, but this is also absolutely because of you and all the people who come together to create Lego Masters.

“My beautiful wife, you don’t get to stand up here unless you have amazing people standing behind you, and you are the most amazing of people. You stole my look for tonight, and I had to quickly find this, but apart from that, I think you do it better anyway, so thank you honey.

“And you know, I would also like to thank, you know, a little shout out to our kids, they obviously can’t be here. Our kids and kids in general who obviously appreciate Lego, but I’m not here to — well I am here to play favourites, my kids are the favourite of all kids! They can’t be here, they ah… they got last minute fake IDs and they’ve gone clubbing. But I know that they’ll watch this tomorrow, when I make them, on YouTube, so, to Rudy and Sonny, you know, obviously winning an award is nice, but the greatest prize — close your ears, Logie [covers the ‘ears’ of the Logie] — the greatest prize is obviously getting to be your dad. So thank you for that. [to the Gold Logie] I said nothing, I said nothing! You’re the most important!

“But honestly, look, it is a funny thing winning the Gold Logie, I know it’s very late, but the kids might actually be up for breakfast now, they might be watching it live! But I was thinking about it today, like, you don’t anything for the rest of the year — what you actually win is this moment, and I think this moment is actually about, there’s been a lot of things over the years — I kind of think this moment is about getting to speak, if you can — and I think I can because I got four! — on behalf of the room, and I think the greatest thanks we would like to give as a room is to the people at home.

“Whether you watch Lego Masters or — double points if you watch Lego Masters — or any of the shows that are represented here tonight by this industry, it has been a really weird last couple of years for the TV industry, really tough.

“I know I speak on behalf of everyone here today when I say we’re so grateful to be able to get to do what we do in this room. We know we’re super lucky to have got to keep working and to do what we love, and we really couldn’t do it without the people at home, and if you’re watching this, you’re an insomniac, but you’re also someone who supports Australian TV, and we would not be here without you, so thank you, to the people at home. Thanks very much, everybody! Have a good night!”

Watch Hamish Blake’s Speech In Full

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