“Love Island Australia” Winners Tyra and Kale on Love, Money, and What’s Next


In a whirlwind of emotions and unexpected twists, Tyra and Kale emerged as the champions of “Love Island Australia” 2023. Still basking in the glow of their victory, the couple shared their thoughts and experiences about being crowned the winners. The pair became fan favourites early on, as viewers fell for their genuine connection and undeniable chemistry. Chatting to POPSUGAR Australia, they opened up about their journey, the challenges of keeping their relationship under wraps, and their plans for the future.

Winning “Love Island” was an unreal experience for Tyra and Kale. Over the phone, Tyra said that it hasn’t fully sunk in yet, and Kale echoed her sentiment, saying it still feels quite surreal.

Describing the moment their names were called, Tyra shared, “Honestly, it was pretty good. We were at my mum and dad’s house, we had a bunch of friends and family around. It was amazing, everyone was super stoked.”

Are Tyra and Kale Still Together?


The burning question on everyone’s mind was whether Tyra and Kale are still together. But we can now put everyone’s mind as ease, as the pair confirmed they are “still very much together and happily in love”.

However, keeping their relationship a secret for months was challenging. Tyra joked that “it’s been lots of Uber Eats and lots of movie nights, pretty much.” Now that their love is no longer a secret, the couple is looking forward to a sense of normalcy.

“I’m excited to take Tyra out on a date again for the first time, and all that sort of stuff, so yeah, very exciting,” Kale said.

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What They’re Taking Away From Their “Love Island” Experience, and Most Challenging Aspect

When asked about the most valuable lesson learned about themselves and their relationship, Tyra admitted communication is key.

“In there [the Villa], you’re sort of just forced to talk about things,” she said. “In past relationships, I would just keep things in my head or bottle them up. But you can solve so many things just by talking. So, I think that was big for me.”

Kale echoed her sentiments, stating, “I feel like in there you never really know how the other person’s feeling or even yourself sometimes. Just the more you’re sort of talking with each other, it just makes things a lot easier. So, that was probably the biggest thing I took away.”

Now, the pair had their fair share of highs and lows during their time in the Villa, but what they found most challenging? Well, being thrown in the deep end and out of your comfort zone is up there for the pair.

“Probably just being forced out of your comfort zone,” Tyra said. “I think with, you know, a lot of, even just like the challenges and conversations you’ve got to have, you’re just kind of thrown into the deep end and you’ve just gotta do it.”

Kale added: “I think probably just coming in initially because, like, everyone sort of was already there and I’d been there a few days and then I just sort of had to come in and start talking to people that were with people. That was probably the most challenging thing initially. But no, it’s all good fun.”

How They Plan to Spend $50K Prize Money and Life Beyond the Villa

Aside from discovering a genuine connection and love in the Villa, Tyra and Kale are also walking away with a cool $50,000 prize money. No biggie, right? But while Kale wants to spend his share of it on some more tattoos and travelling, Tyra has other plans.

“I’m a really bad saver, Kale’s a great saver. So, I just want to put like half of it away and not touch it, and then play with the rest of it,” she admitted. We love a sensible queen!

Now back to the real world, Tyra’s got work tomorrow. But they’re looking forward to downtime in Perth. Kale’s excited about “being able to leave the house and not have to hide”.

“We can enjoy some downtime and then next year we’ll probably just go from there,” he added.

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