Love Island Australia: Italian Pocket-Rocket Claudia Is Ready For a Family Man


Love Island Australia is only days away, and we’re gearing up for love triangles, drama and spicy romance, all set at a stunning villa in Mallorca, Spain.

Love Island might not be known for its long-lasting relationships, but surely the Spanish backdrop will add some extra heat!?

Hosted by Sophie Monk, the reality series will be airing exclusively on Channel 9’s streaming platform, 9Now. They’ve been dropping tidbits about the upcoming season in the lead up — including who our Islanders will be this season.

One of the Islanders looking for lasting love this year is 23-year-old medical receptionist Claudia Bonifazio, from Adelaide.

Born and raised in Adelaide, Claudia comes from Sicilian roots and lives at home with her parents.

At 155cm, Claudia is a self-professed pocket-rocket, but despite her height, she doesn’t stand for any bullsh*t and will “happily cut people off” if they do her wrong.

She’s also pretty sure about what she wants when it comes to dating.

“I want to find someone,” she says, in a press statement. “I think Adelaide is a really small world and dating pool so I thought why not go on this show?”

“I’ve had a few boyfriends and a few things with guys, but nothing has worked out, so we will see what happens. I’m definitely a relationship kind of girl, I don’t like to be single. When I’m single, I turn a bit crazy.”

Don’t we all?

She’s looking for someone loyal, kind, funny, chivalrous and smarter than her, she says.

“Someone who has their head screwed on. A family man. I have a very long list. Personality is the biggest thing for me.”

Being good looking is important too, of course. And for Claudia, she’s into buff guys with tattoos… (and by the looks of some of the dudes, she’s in luck).

“I think people assume I’m massively stuck up,” she says, “but I’m not. I’m just picky when it comes to people, because I don’t trust people. So I want people to realise, that when I do let them in, I am a really lovely person.”

We hope that Claudia finds someone that she can let into her heart. Don’t you?

Find out by tuning into Love Island Australia, premiering on October 31, exclusively on 9Now.

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