Which “Love Island Australia” 2023 Couples are Still Together?

love island australia 2023 couples

And there you have it, folks! Another season of “Love Island Australia” has wrapped, leaving us twiddling our thumbs with nothing exciting to watch for the rest of the year. Boo-hoo, right? But seriously, can we talk about the madness that was this season? Love triangles had us practically clutching our hearts, and the drama? Oh, it had us teetering on the edge of our seats. It’s safe to say, this season has been a wild ride. And now, after all the plot twists and hairpin turns, we’ve finally got our crowned winners.

Now that the season has wrapped up, the big question buzzing in everyone’s minds is: Are any of the couples from “Love Island Australia” 2023 still going strong? Let’s find out.

Which “Love Island Australia” 2023 Couples are Still Together?

Kale and Tyra


Tyra and Kale captured the hearts of viewers as one of the sweetest couples in the villa. So much so, they were crowned the winners of 2023. Despite a rocky start, the two quickly solidified their connection, even making their relationship official within the confines of the “Love Island” bubble. Fortunately, the signs outside the villa indicate that their love is still flourishing.

The burning question on everyone’s mind was whether Tyra and Kale are still together. But we can now put everyone’s mind as ease, as the pair confirmed to POPSUGAR Australia that they are “still very much together and happily in love”.

Lucinda and Zac


Arguably one of the season’s power couples, Lucinda and Zac’s connection has been undeniable. The Kiwi and the Brit have been turning heads not just within the Villa but also beyond its walls, with recent sightings of the duo in London.

Despite being runners-up in the competition, it seems like the couple is still, well, a couple.

Following the show’s finale, Zac posted a lengthy Instagram post on his whole “Love Island” experience, with a big nod to his girlfriend.

“Everything happens for a reason, and finding someone as beautiful, funny, driven, loving and special as Lucinda only happens once in a lifetime, and I’m so glad we had each other right from the start of this experience,” Zac captioned a picture of himself with Lucinda.

“I couldn’t leave with a bigger smile on my face, knowing that on the outside I get to wake up next to you and we get to start our lives together ? You are my sunshine on a cloudy day, you’re my perfect little English Muffin and I love you.”

Read everything we know about Lucinda and Zac’s post-villa relationship, here

Nate and Georgia


Despite facing the label of “least compatible” during their time on “Love Island”, Georgia and Nate have proven that true love can withstand challenges. In a post-show interview, the couple revealed that they initially parted ways after the show due to the hectic nature of life. However, fate had other plans, and the couple rekindled their romance.

“After we left and got back to Sydney, we tried to give it a go, but life was really hectic, so we had a bit of a break,” Georgia told 9Entertainment. But after settling back into real life, the two began speaking again. “We just started talking again, and we were just like, ‘Damn, there’s obviously still a flame here’.”

Here’s to hoping Georgia and Nate’s flame continues to burn bright.

Savanah and Clint


Savannah and Clint brought a fast-paced romance to the “Love Island Australia” finale. However, the pair have confirmed they’re no longer together since the series ended.

“It just sort of fizzled out after we got back to life and real responsibilities. We only knew each other for a week,” Savanah told 9Entertainment.

Clint added: “The minute you step out of that bubble you sort of realise this connection probably isn’t strong enough to withstand the pressures of the outside world.”

Despite calling it quits, the duo say there’s “no bad blood” between them.

Chloe and Reid


Chloe and Reid’s last-minute pairing surprised viewers, but the couple have now officially confirmed their split to 9Entertainment. The once-promising pair has gone their separate ways, each offering their perspective on the end of their “Love Island” journey.

Reid took the initiative to disclose the breakup, stating, “I can confirm we are not together. It was more my decision, but [Chloe] could accept that, and she respects my decision.”

However, Chloe had her own take on the situation.

“Reid and myself didn’t really speak about anything; we just walked away,” she revealed. “We probably had different motives for why we went on the show. I joined the military, so I focused on that, and his focus was on his modelling and acting.”

“Love Island Australia” 2023 episodes drop at 6.00pm AEDT every Monday to Thursday on 9Now.

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