Alan’s on a Mission to Overcome His “F Boy” Label on “Love Triangle”

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When it comes to love, the electrician with a charismatic spark is about to shake things up on the newest season of “Love Triangle“. Meet Alan, a successful businessman and former semi-professional AFL player, whose charm has often led to misconceptions about his intentions. But Alan is here to tell you that those assumptions couldn’t be further from the truth.

As the 32-year-old steps onto the “Love Triangle” stage, Alan opens up about his past heartbreaks and what he seeks from the show.

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Why Alan Is Joining “Love Triangle”

Let’s dive right into why Alan decided to embark on this “Love Triangle” journey. You see, Alan might give off the vibe of your typical “FBoy” to some, but don’t let those first impressions fool you.

“I think the perception people have of me is I’m here for just like a quick root and boot,” he says. “That’s just not me. If they took the time to get to know me and get to know that actually there is a softer side to me.”

Beneath his charming exterior lies a successful businessman who knows how to conquer life head-on. And if that’s not impressive enough, this guy is a former semi-pro AFL player.

What Alan Brings to “Love Triangle”

But there’s more to Alan than his achievements and athletic prowess. You see, Alan isn’t new to heartbreak; he’s had his fair share of it, not once but twice. These experiences have left him with walls built as high as transmission towers, all to protect himself from the painful jolts of love gone wrong.

Now, Alan’s not here to play games. He’s on a mission to find something real, something that makes his heart race faster than a short circuit. He’s no stranger to those dates that feel faker than a knockoff designer purse, and he’s become a pro at spotting red flags.

As he steps into “Love Triangle”, Alan is determined not to settle for anything less than the “real deal.” He’s ready to face the twists, turns, and shocking surprises that come his way. Will he find love that’s as electric as he is, or will his past heartbreaks continue to send shockwaves through his dating journey? Only time will tell!

The first two episodes of “Love Triangle” Season 2 will premiere October 5 followed by a brand new episode every Thursday, only on Stan.

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