The “Love Triangle” Cast Spill on Their Horror Date Stories and… The Roman Empire?

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The Stan Original show “Love Triangle” is gearing up to hit our screens once again, promising a rollercoaster of emotions, drama, and unexpected connections. For those of you who crave the chaos that “Married at First Sight” creators bring to the table, you’re in for a treat with “Love Triangle”. This show combines the best elements of romance, strategy, and jaw-dropping reality TV twists, ensuring you won’t want to look away. With a fresh group of six singles ready to dive headfirst into the ultimate love experiment, we’re in for a wild ride.

In anticipation of the premiere, POPSUGAR Australia sat down with the cast. As they shared their most horrifying date stories, we couldn’t help but be entertained by the unexpected turn the conversation took — diving deep into history, specifically the Roman Empire.

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“Love Triangle” Cast Detail Their Horror Dating Stories

Our chat with the leading ladies kicked off with Nellie, who had a date-from-hell story that will make your worst date seem like a fairy tale.

“I had a crush on this DJ. He basically came to my house, and we were watching a David Attenborough show,” she chuckled. “I went to go down on him, and he just pooed. He was pooing himself as I did it.”

Now, you might think that’s the worst part, but it gets worse — much worse.

Nellie explained she gave her date a moment, assuming he would “clean himself up”, but what happened next was straight out of a horror movie.

“He was in the toilet for 40 minutes, and I went in there, and it was like the ‘Jaws’ theme song. There was poo on the walls, and then the next day I was taking little poos out of the bed.”

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“…He Refused to Leave”

Jacinta, meanwhile, had her own jaw-dropping story, starring a hipster with long dreadlocks who shared her penchant for an unconventional lifestyle.

“He loved the idea of not doing things that were bougie or not involving money. One day we went to the beach, we watched the sunset… I got comfortable enough to take him back to mine,” she confessed.

But as the night wore on, things got stranger.

“It started to get late, and I offered to pay for his ride home, but he refused to leave,” Jacinta recounted. “Turns out he was homeless. And I was like, ‘That’s fine, I don’t care if you’re homeless, just communicate that with me’.”

Her date spent the night on the couch, but the next morning Jacinta woke up to a shocking discovery.

“I woke up the next day, and half my furniture was missing. He even took my used razor,” she laughed.

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“He Was Like Her Sugar Daddy”

While the ladies regaled us with their dating horror stories, the guys had somewhat tamer experiences, with one notable exception. Alan shared a memorable moment from his dating history involving a girl who had a secret relationship with her boss.

“I was seeing a girl, and I thought we had something really solid, but she was sleeping with her boss at the same time; he was like her sugar daddy,” he said. “I was putting all this effort in, thinking we’re like half exclusive.”

How Often Do the “Love Triangle” Men Think About the Roman Empire?

Now, here’s where things took an unexpected turn. We decided to ask the guys a rather quirky question: how often do they think about the Roman Empire? Believe it or not, this peculiar query, inspired by viral TikTok videos, led to some rather surprising responses.

“I reckon I think about it at least once a month,” Sulei’s face lit up.

Sam had already faced this question from a friend, revealing that he thought about the Roman Empire “once every 15 weeks”, an oddly specific timeframe. Alan, however, was caught off guard and confessed to not being entirely sure about what the Roman Empire was.

Thankfully, Sulei stepped in to provide a passionate explanation.

“The Roman Empire’s insane. If you don’t know it, it’s greater than the British Empire. It’s the first-ever army that’s reached a million soldiers in it. It’s one of the greatest things in history,” Sulei enthusiastically explained.

As we eagerly await the new season of “Love Triangle”, we can’t help but wonder what other surprises and twists these adventurous singles have in store for us. Love, drama, and unexpected conversations about history — that’s the “Love Triangle” we’re ready to dive into once again.

The first two episodes of “Love Triangle” Season 2 will premiere October 5 followed by a brand new episode every Thursday, only on Stan.

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